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CDC Warns That Magellan Diagnostics Lead Tests Could Be Defective

Magellan Diagnostics lead testing kits might be defective and inaccurate, according to recent information gathered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In particular, lead tests by this manufacturer that use blood draws directly from veins could be reporting lead levels far lower than actuality. If blood was taken from a prick injury, such as one on a fingertip, the tests were found to be accurate.

Magellan Diagnostics products that may be inaccurate include:

  • LeadCare
  • LeadCare II
  • LeadCare Plus
  • LeadCare Ultra

The CDC has urged that any pregnant women, new mothers, and children under the age of six years old should be retested for blood lead content if they were recently tested with Magellan Diagnostics equipment. People in these groups are more susceptible to lead poisoning than most others. Elders may also need retesting, if safe to do so.

This federal announcement comes in wake of recent lead poisoning scares in the Baltimore, Maryland region. Despite activism and efforts that span decades to take lead out of homes and pipework, many children in Baltimore have been tested with dangerously high blood lead concentrations lately. Campaigning continues to introduce new legislation or regulations that would require landlords to take active, measurable steps to address lead issues in housing complexes. Federal efforts may also be necessary to provide funding to strip lead paint from homes, or re-pipe entire structures when needed.

Compensation May Be Owed to Affected Families

Magellan Diagnostics apparently knew that its equipment was defective since 2014, according to FDA reports. When a spokesperson from the company was asked about the inaccuracy of the LeadCare lead testing kit series, the response was apparently that the problem was “no big deal.” This flippant behavior towards accurate testing and medical care could be seen as negligence in any product liability claims filed against the company by people who used to equipment and were falsely told their blood lead concentration levels were safe.

For more information about this ongoing story, click here to visit a recent article from Baltimore Brew. If you have been tested by Magellan Diagnostics products in recent years and believe the testing results were off, you are encouraged to contact Brown & Barron, LLC and our Baltimore defective medical device attorneys today. We are backed by 50+ years of collective legal experience and multiple multimillion dollar case results won for our clients.