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Court Orders Paint Companies to Pay for Removal of Lead Paint out of California Homes

A historic court ruling ordered 3 paint manufacturers responsible for lead paint in California homes to pay for the cleaning of this pain.

Prevalence of Infected Homes

These companies, ConAgra, NL Industries, and Sherwin-Williams have been ordered to aid in the removal of any affected homes. It is estimated there are thousands and thousands of homes in California with lead pain in their interior walls, leading to extreme dangers and health risks, especially for children who may accidentally and unknowingly ingest this lead. Following blood tests administered in the Los Angeles area, it has been proven thousands of children from low-income families have tested for elevated levels of lead.

Higher Standards of Safety

This landmark appellate decision may the first of many, as more and more paint manufacturing companies are being forced to pay up for their gross negligence, which was argued as a “public nuisance” by the plaintiffs. The industry is expected to be held to higher standards following this decision, as this lead-paint litigation has been in the California court system for nearly 17 years. Various cities and counties across the nation are being encouraged to pursue litigation against this injustice.

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