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Fines Against Negligent Nursing Homes Reduced

In recent news, the penalty protocols regarding nursing homes and the Medicare program have lessened to a degree. The purpose of these changes is to indicate moving toward a reduction in bureaucracy, regulation, and intervention from the government in businesses. Over the past several years, nearly 40% of nursing homes have been cited a minimum of 1 time for a serious violation. The most common reasons for these serious citations include, but are not limited to: avoidable accidents, neglect, mistreatment, and bedsores.

Even in the event of a resident’s death, these guidelines tend to sway away from penalizing the nursing homes in question with severe fines. Any fines actually dispersed are at a far lower rate than they were previously, and instead of being recurring, they will now generally be one-time fines. Many advocates for nursing home residents believe these changes will be for the worse, as they have the potential to make nursing home conditions worsen over time due to lax consequences. As Baltimore nursing home attorneys, we feel it is quite upsetting for a harmful nursing home to face no consequences in the event of any negligence, misconduct, or abuse.

To learn more about this topic, you may read a New York Times article by clicking here.

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