Though Safer Now, Maryland Hospitals Have a Long Way to Go

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Though Safer Now, Maryland Hospitals Have a Long Way to Go

Maryland Hospitals Move Up in Safety Ratings, but Still Not Safe Overall

According to a recent article in the Baltimore Sun, Maryland’s hospitals are improving in terms of safety. Most of Maryland’s 37 hospitals received average-worse safety ratings last year, but 10 of them have managed to give their safety score a boost in the past 12 months. And though Maryland no longer ranks in the bottom 5 states in the country for hospital safety, the state’s hospitals still have a long way to go before becoming as safe as they can be.

As a patient in Baltimore’s hospitals, you have a right to be certain you are protected from further illness and injury when you go in for a procedure or doctor’s appointment. However, when hospitals are not kept safe, it can have serious consequences for patients, including infections, retention of surgical devices, sepsis, injuries by medical equipment, wrong site surgeries, and more.

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At Brown & Barron, LLC, we’re in it for you. When a hospital fails to ensure proper safety standards and you are injured or fall ill as a result, we believe they should be held responsible for causing you harm. At the very least, you should never have to front the cost when a doctor, nurse, or hospital makes an error that forces you to take on hefty medical bills, therapy costs, and expensive treatments and medications.

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