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CMS Announces Comprehensive Review of Nursing Home Standards

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has long been the first line of defense in researching and enforcing nursing home care standards. Now that the U.S. Government Accountability Office has called on the CMS to address the issue of failing nursing home standards, the CMS has announced that it will be performing a “comprehensive review.”

Coming directly from CMS Chief Seema Verma, the announcement outlined that the CMS is “not settling for the status quo,” and that they will be looking closely at nursing home staffing requirements, the use of anti-psychotic drugs, and quality metrics for negligent providers. Because of recent reports that nursing home abuse investigations were lacking in Oregon over the last 15 years, the CMS aims to push for complete regulatory overhaul, and to prevent any further instances of abuse.

Why Is a Comprehensive Review Necessary?

Many have already lauded the Centers’ efforts to provide greater accountability in nursing home care. By providing the public with the Nursing Home Compare tool, the CMS has been able to allow thousands of citizens to review how nursing homes stack up in terms of recorded violations, variety of options, staffing levels, and other key decision factors for long-term care.

Lately, however, the CMS has come under fire for failing to regularly update their Five-Star Rating System, which assigns each nursing home a quality score between 1 and 5 stars. Although this rating system has provided some effective baseline comparisons for consumers, it has been less effective at accurately reporting staffing levels and negative care outcomes over the years. That’s why the CMS will also be overhauling the Nursing Home Compare tool, and raising the standards for the entire rating system yet again.

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