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Long-Term Physical Damages Caused By a Birth Injury

When a birth injury involves physical damage to the child, it is often referred to as birth trauma because of the impact it has on the child. It can result in the potential long-term physical injuries which require medical care, potential physical therapy, and can impact the baby’s ability to do certain things throughout his or her lifetime.

For a parent, recognizing the physical harm that can occur and how negligence can play a role in causing the trauma can help you take the necessary legal action to pursue compensation. Here are some of the physical injuries that may be sustained.

Fractures and Broken Bones

Fractures are some of the most common physical birth injuries a baby can sustain. This is often due to the potential for the baby to be larger than the birth canal, resulting in shoulder dystocia and fractures to the baby’s clavicle (collarbone).

Broken bones are more common when birthing tools are used to help aid in the delivery, or if the pressure to pull the baby during labor is too forceful. This type of pressure can cause bones to break or fracture if they are in specific positions.

Brachial Plexus Damage

When a baby suffers an injury to his or her brachial plexus, it causes problems with the network of nerves that sends messages from the spinal cord to the hands and arms. These types of injuries typically occur as a result of the baby getting stuck in the birth canal and the shoulder being affected when the doctor tugs too hard.

Lack of Oxygen

Many acts of negligence can result in a lack of oxygen supply to the baby, causing cerebral palsy and other conditions. CP often results in the child having difficulty with controlling movement, posture problems, and softened muscle tone.

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