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Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry Buys Seniors' Groceries & More Happy News on Feel Good Friday

Feel Good Friday 

Staying current with news on the coronavirus (COVID-19) is an important part of thoughtful citizenship, but it’s also a little draining. So here are a few positive news snippets for your weekend...

Tyler Perry Picks Up Grocery Tab for Thousands of Seniors

Tyler Perry

In New Orleans and Atlanta, thousands of elderly shoppers got a pleasant surprise: Someone had paid for all their groceries. Although he tried to remain anonymous, supermarket management identified the mysterious benefactor as actor and producer Tyler Perry. The celebrity, who is known for his generosity, paid for groceries during a senior hour at 44 Kroger locations and 29 Winn-Dixies. “Senior and higher-risk Kroger shoppers in metro Atlanta did receive a nice surprise at the register this morning when they learned Tyler Perry had paid their grocery tab in full,” said Felix Turner, the Atlanta spokesman for Kroger.



Ohio Siblings Play Concert for Isolated Elderly Neighbor

Ohio siblings

Ohio siblings Taran (9) and Calliope (6) were looking for a way to bring cheer and human connection to their neighbor, Helena Schlam, a 78-year-old who was self-isolating during the pandemic. So they brought their cellos to Schlam (at a safe distance) and gave her an impromptu concert. "... I love music and I really like her kids, they're terrific," Schlam said.


Student Creates Free Grocery Delivery Service for Seniors

Jayde Powell

Jayde Powell, a pre-med student at the University of Nevada, Reno, created Shopping Angels, a free delivery service of groceries and other necessities for the elderly and other vulnerable segments of society impacted by COVID-19. What started out as a charitable way to spend spring-break for Powell and her medical fraternity friends has blossomed into a national effort with new volunteers joining daily. "I have gotten lots of emails [and] personal stories about people reading about this program and crying because it's such a necessity and something they really appreciate having as a resource," she said. "And the client list is growing day by day, we have about 200 emails to go through from volunteers and people wanting help -- it's a really big need in the community."



Vint Cerf, 76, ‘Father of the Internet,’ Recovering from COVID-19

Vint Cerf

A 76-year-old computer scientist, Vint Cerf, is recovering well after being diagnosed with COVID-19, according to his Twitter post. Vint Cerf is one of the revered computer pioneers called the “fathers of the Internet” for his work in the 1970s on the information structure that paved the way for the Internet. Per Cerf’s tweet, "Good news - VA Public Health has certified my wife and me as no longer contagious with COVID19. Recovering!"


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