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Brian and Leah

Brown & Barron Remains Fully Functional for Clients and Potential new Clients During the Coronavirus

To our Brown & Barron neighbors, friends, and family:

We sincerely sympathize with all those who have been affected by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). We are also inspired by the sense of community that has been demonstrated as we confront these trying circumstances. At Brown & Barron, our core mission is to fight for the public’s right to health and safety, and that mission will continue as we adjust to new measures that have been prescribed to swiftly resolve this healthcare emergency.

As of March 16, all courts and offices in the Maryland Judiciary will be closed to the public on an emergency basis; however, judiciary operations will continue in the court system. Although there will be no trials or other matters in open court, all other court functions will continue as usual. At Brown & Barron, we remain open for business and at full capacity for the service of our existing clients, and we are ready to assist any new clients who need our services. We will continue to monitor this rapidly evolving situation, and we will be providing regular updates and information related to COVID-19 through our blog, e-newsletter, and social media.

As always, the safety of our clients and employees is paramount at Brown & Barron. We are following all health and safety guidelines mandated or recommended by state and federal authorities. As a modern law office, many of our attorneys and staff are empowered to perform some or all of their duties remotely. However, our building remains open, and our building management has redoubled its cleaning and disinfecting efforts to ensure a safe environment.

We’re living through turbulent times, but we will get through them together.


Brian Brown & Leah Barron,

Founding Partners

Brown & Barron

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