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Jennie Stejna celebrates COVID recovery

Granny Celebrates COVID-19 Recovery with a Beer, Granddaughter Crafts Safe Hug Invention & More on Feel Good Friday by Brown & Barron

Staying current with news on the coronavirus (COVID-19) is an important part of thoughtful citizenship, but it’s also a little draining. So here are a few positive news snippets for your weekend...

103-Year-Old Coronavirus Survivor is a Viral Sensation

Jennie Stejna (Photo: Gunn family photo via USA Today)

Jennie Stejna is becoming a viral internet sensation in more ways than one. One might assume it is simply because she is a 103-year-old survivor of COVID-19, and that is true. Perhaps what made her story capture the attention of the social media universe was the photo of her spirited celebration over the coronavirus -- by downing a cold beer from her hospital bed. Jennie’s three-week battle with the virus was very serious, and her survival was very much in question. When asked if she was ready for heaven, the feisty grandmother replied, “Hell yes.”

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Illinois Woman Devises ‘Safe Hug’ Invention for Grandmother

Rose Gagnon, 85, hugs her great-grandchildren using the 'Hug Time' shield made by Carly Marinaro (Photo: Carly Marinaro via ABC News)

On May 12, Rose Gagnon, 85, hugs her great-grandchildren through a plastic 'Hug Time' shield made by Carly Marinaro in Rockford, Illinois.Courtesy Carly Marinaro

For Carly Marinaro, necessity was the grandmother of invention. In this case, the necessity was safe hugs for Carly’s 85-year-old grandmother, Rose Gagnon. The invention was the “Hug Time” plastic shield, which enables her grandmother to safely hug her loved ones through a transparent sheet of window insulation using industrial gloves. "We are a family of huggers," said Gagnon. "That's how our family shows love."

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111-Year-Old COVID-19 Survivor is Chile’s Oldest

111-year-old Juana Zúñiga (Photo: Senama via BBC News)

Despite the advanced age of 111 years and an underlying condition of respiratory problems, Juana Zúñiga has recovered from COVID-19, making her the oldest survivor in Chile and among the oldest worldwide. Ms. Zúñiga, or Juanita as she is called, did not have serious symptoms but tested positive during an outbreak in her long-term-care facility. Juanita, who was born in 1909, hails from Valparaíso, a city on the Chilean coast.

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Tiger Woods Helps Raise $20 Million for COVID Relief

Phil Mickelson, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Tiger Woods present $20 million check raised for COVID-19 relief. (Photo:

Golf great Tiger Woods and his nemesis Phil Mickelson teamed with future Hall-of-Fame NFL quarterbacks in a charity golf match that raised $20 million for COVID-19 relief. In the Match: Champions for Charity, the team of Woods and Peyton Manning defeated the team of Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady in a televised golf event that was watched by millions of fans. The sporting event exceeded expectations of $10 million and delivered a fun exhibition of golf skill and good-natured trash talking for sport-starved fans -- all while raising millions for those affected by COVID-19.

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