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The Factors That Contribute to Birth Injuries

When women enter the delivery room for the birth of their child, they expect to receive adequate care and attention from their healthcare providers—as they should.

Given their years of training and experience, doctors, nurses, and anyone else who may assist in the delivery room are required to provide a certain standard of care.

Unfortunately, however, this does not always happen, and mothers and children may be left with life-altering birth injuries as a result.

Below, we explore the systemic factors that may contribute to the frequency of birth injuries.

Understaffing Issues

An issue prevalent in hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country is understaffing. When the demand for doctors’ services outweighs the number of qualified professionals available, it results in a decrease in the quality of care.

This can have serious consequences in the delivery room when mothers and their children require constant supervision and care. If a doctor or nurse is flitting from one room to the next, they may miss vital warning signs that the mother and child require urgent attention.

The understaffing issue may also cause doctors to hasten a woman’s delivery by ordering a C-section when one is not entirely necessary or using birth-assistance devices to pull the child out of the birth canal faster, which can result in injuries.

“Doctor’s Orders”

Women and their partners may feel like they cannot speak up against the attending doctor’s recommendations during the labor and delivery process. In fact, there have been instances of doctors forcing women to undergo an episiotomy, even despite their vocal protests.

It’s important for healthcare professionals to take into account the wishes of the patient while at the same time recommending the best course of action in their medical opinion. But under no circumstances should patients be forced to undergo procedures against their will.

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