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Podiatrists Struggle to Pass Certification Exams

Podiatrists Struggle to Pass Certification Exams

Recent test scores show that a large percentage of third-year podiatry residents were unable to pass a test designed to determine the minimum competence of the podiatric foot and ankle surgeon.Third-year residents are given the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery (ABFAS) part 1 didactic and computer-based patient simulation (CBPS) exam, with a 70% score representing a passing grade. The 2018 scores below are for the foot case review and reconstructive rearfoot/ankle (RRA) certification exams.  

ABFAS Certification Exam Pass/Fail Rates

2018 test results

According to the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery Newsletter, in 2018, the certification first time pass rates were as follows: , 66 percent for RRA case review, 75 percent for RRA CBPS, 59 percent for foot case review, and 60 percent for foot CBPS (see graph). Although the test has a controversial reputation among the podiatry residents, it is designed to determine basic competency, which has members of the podiatric community wondering why the scores are so low. 

"By those standards, we are essentially failing our own surgical certification process. I know of no other specialty that has such a low pass rate for their certification exams," said David Bishop DPM. 

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