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mother holding her newborn babyAs parents, you spend months planning the arrival of your child, anxious and hopeful for all of the wonders you hope your child will experience. Sadly, however, childbirth does not always go as smoothly as it should. When a child is injured before, during, or after childbirth, devastating injuries may occur.

Birth injuries can be incredibly devastating and traumatic for all involved, and they are generally the unfortunate result of medical malpractice. Our team of Baltimore birth injury attorneys is ready to fight for you! We are backed by decades of experience and provide personalized, tenacious representation.

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If a child suffers at the hands of a medical professional’s negligence, the results can be catastrophic and permanent. Due to the vulnerable nature of a newborn baby or unborn fetus, birth injuries are tragically quite common when treatment and care is placed in the wrong hands.

If you are in need of an aggressive and determined Baltimore birth injury lawyer to fight for all you, your child and your family have suffered, and will continue to suffer, look no further than Brown & Barron, LLC. We will treat your case with the urgency and thoroughness it deserves, and we will also bring you into our family to ensure your experience throughout the legal process is as easy and comfortable as possible.

Common birth injuries include, but are not limited to:

What are birth injuries?

The term “birth injury” refers to any damage or injury your child sustains before, during, or immediately after delivery. Often, birth injuries are minor and are simply a physical side effect of being born.

Sometimes, however, birth injuries are more serious. In a legal sense, birth injuries refer to any profound injury or death to the infant or mother that can be attributed to medical mistakes, malpractice, negligence, or flawed hospital policy during the birthing process.

What are the causes of birth injuries?

Birth injuries are frequently caused by physical pressure during the birthing process. Assistive birthing devices, such as forceps or a vacuum, can increase the risk for a birth injury, as can a premature birth, a large baby, or a breech birth (feet-first delivery).

Birth injuries can also occur when the medical professional responsible for the birth fails to utilize the degree of skill and care that another reasonable medical professional would have used under similar circumstances.

Some examples include:

  • The improper use of assistive birthing devices
  • Failure to utilize a cesarean delivery (C-section)
  • Inadequate or inappropriate response to birth complications

How long do you have to sue for birth injuries?

In Maryland, the statute of limitations allows you to file suit 5 years from the date of the injury or 3 years from the discovery of medical malpractice, whichever is shorter. If your infant passed away as a result of a birth injury, you must file suit within 3 years of your infant’s death. Children who suffer as a result of a birth injury have until their twenty-first birthday to file suit.

In general, the exact date by when you must file a claim can be a complex legal issue. You can dive deeper into these rules via the Maryland Law Library, but you should consult with an attorney to determine the exact statute of limitations for your potential case.

Birth Injuries vs. Birth Defects [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are several differences between birth injuries and birth defects that expectant parents should understand. Learn the key differences in the infographic below.

birth injuries versus birth defects

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