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Recovering Compensation for Surgery Errors

Some of the absolute worst medical malpractice incidents occur when a surgeon makes a grievous mistake during surgery, also known as a surgical error. If you or a loved one have suffered from a surgical error, you should dial Brown & Barron, LLC at (410) 698-1717 right away — we accept calls 24/7/365 — to learn your legal right to pursue compensation. We will seek every last penny you deserve to help pay for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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Different Types of Surgical Errors

Every sort of surgery requires the surgeon’s complete attention and the manipulation of delicate instruments with the utmost precision. If a surgeon is inexperienced, distracted, uses the wrong medical tools, or otherwise fails to follow accepted medical standards, the likelihood of a surgical error are high. As a patient in surgery is effectively a nonparticipant in the procedure, no liability for a surgical error should be placed on them at all.

Some of the most common surgical errors are:

  • Wrong body part: Surgeries conducted on the wrong body part of the patient are upsettingly common. Indeed, you might have noticed that surgery patients are often marked with large black X’s shortly before surgery. This is to remind the surgical team what body part requires operation or amputation, which suggests they could easily forget otherwise.
  • Patient mix-up: Along the same lines as operating on the wrong body part is the surgical error of operating on the wrong patient. Mixing up patient files in a hectic, urgent care situation could lead to the incorrect patient being rolled into the operating theater. If the patient is unconscious due to sedatives or their own health condition, they will have no way to protest the situation until it is too late.
  • Incorrect surgery: A surgeon might also be instructed to complete an incorrect or inefficient surgical procedure due to a doctor’s misdiagnosis. The same problem can result if a surgeon needs to make an on-the-spot decision but does not have enough medical training or experience to make such an important call correctly.
  • Foreign object forgotten: Perhaps the single most common surgical error is leaving a foreign object inside the patient’s body before suturing them. Scalpels, gauze, clamps, and so on are small and might not be noticed by a distracted surgeon. The result is often extreme pain and strong, life-threatening infection hours or days after the surgery.
  • Anesthesia errors: When a surgical team does not accurately examine a patient’s height, weight, medical history, and overall health, they can miscalculate the appropriate amount of anesthesia to administer before surgery. Risks of anesthesia errors include the patient not falling asleep fully, waking up mid-surgery, and even death from an anesthesia overdose.

It’s worth noting that most surgical errors are wholly preventable. Often, the error is the direct result of a medical practitioner’s negligence or carelessness.

Why Is a Lawsuit Necessary?

Surgical errors often result in long-term medical problems for patients. An example of this may include a doctor leaving an object inside of a patient. This can create internal organ damage or infection, leading to additional surgery and unexpected medical bills for the patient. Such a terrible incident proves that victims of surgical errors often endure long-term financial hardships from the additional cost of medical care, home care, lost income, physical therapy, and more.

A lawsuit may be the only way for a medical malpractice victim to recover the compensation they need to pay for sudden expenses brought on by a medical practitioner’s negligence. Surgical errors make up a large portion of medical malpractice lawsuits because they happen so often. Doctors must accept accountability when they make mistakes that cause significant harm to a patient. There must be a standard by which they should abide when performing their duties.

Your Legal Champions When Times Get Tough

In order to receive fair compensation after being hurt by a surgical error, you will need to file a medical malpractice claim or lawsuit against the hospital group or practitioner who made the error. Unfortunately, you will likely be placed in a legal arena against a team of defense attorneys retained by a multinational insurance group representing the defendant. Without the proper preparation, the odds will be heavily stacked out of your favor.

By calling our firm at (410) 698-1717, you can regain control of the situation and empower your claim. Schedule a free case evaluation with our surgical error attorneys in Baltimore, MD today.

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