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28% of Maryland Nursing Homes Fall Below Medicare's Safety Evaluation Average

Each year, Medicare investigates, reviews, and rates all nursing homes in the country to compile them in a report on safety and care standards. The recently-released 2018 report warns that a concerning percentage of nursing homes in Maryland are falling below average standards of care.

According to the Medicare nursing home quality report, in Maryland:

  • 23 nursing homes were rated 1-out-of-5, or “much below average”
  • 41 facilities were rated 2-out-of-5, or “below average”
  • 28% of Maryland’s nursing home facilities scored 1 or 2

The nursing home quality score is based on a number of different criteria. The main factors that increase or decrease a nursing home’s overall quality score are health standards, quality measures, and staffing adequacy. As such, a nursing home could have its total score reduced if there are health code violations, a lack of proper staffing in both number and professions, and poor conditions of bedding, equipment, food, etc. An individual inspection of each nursing home conducted by a Medicare representative acts as the groundwork for quality scores.

If you have a loved one living in a nursing home or assisted living facility, or if you must soon choose a nursing home for an elderly loved one, please review the full Medicare report by clicking here.

Low Quality Scores Indicate Higher Chance of Nursing Home Abuse

Medicare’s assessments of nursing homes should not be taken lightly. In most cases, a nursing home that falls below average does so due to violations, oversights, or staff mistakes that endanger the wellbeing of their residents. As such, you can safely assume that nursing home abuse or neglect is more likely to happen at a facility that scored “below average” than a similar center that scored “above average.” Indeed, some reports on a facility directly reflect incidents that constitute abuse or neglect.

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