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Medical Negligence: What Is Misdiagnosis?

doctor speaking with patient about diagnosisSymptoms are often the signs that many doctors use—along with testing—to diagnose a patient with an injury or condition. However, what happens when symptoms of one condition are similar or identical to those of another serious disease or injury?

Unfortunately, this is a problem that often causes serious confusion and may lead to an individual sustaining long-term damages as a result. Understanding what misdiagnosis is, how it is harmful, and what you may be able to do is important.

What Is Considered a Misdiagnosis?

Misdiagnosis is a situation in which a medical professional definitively offers a prognosis based on the symptoms they know and tests performed, but the prognosis ends up being incorrect and the condition is actually something else. For instance, if someone is told they have pneumonia, but they are actually worse off.

Similarly, misdiagnosis can also be a situation in which there is a missed diagnosis. This is when the medical professional informs the patient that he or she is fine, but there actually is something wrong with them medically.

What Legal Options Exist After a Misdiagnosis?

Typically, legal actions exist to those who have suffered some form of loss or damages as a result of the misdiagnosis. For instance, if your condition is worse than diagnosed, and you are later required to pay even more medical expenses or have lost income, there may be potential for legal recourse.

At Brown & Barron, we help you understand what rights you have to file legal action against the negligent party. You deserve to recognize what options are available to you in order to protect your rights moving forward.

With our Baltimore medical malpractice lawyers on your side, you can feel peace of mind knowing you have experienced professionals advocating for your rights. Trust that we go the extra mile to help you seek the outcome you deserve.

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