Medical Malpractice Claims For A Delayed Diagnosis

A prompt diagnosis is essential when it comes to treating illnesses and disease. When a patient’s diagnosis is delayed, it can lead to devastating medical complications, physical and emotional suffering, and even fatalities. Negligent medical practices are often the cause of a delayed diagnosis. Proper healthcare necessitates that doctors conduct necessary research, order essential tests, and attend to a patient’s questions or concerns.Illnesses commonly overlooked:
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Bacterial infections
  • Viral infections
  • Cancer
  • Kidney disorders
  • Liver disorders
  • Parkinson’s disease

What You Need to Know

To win a medical malpractice case for a delayed diagnosis, you must be able to provide evidence for the following stipulations:

  • First, you must be able to prove that a doctor-patient relationship was established between yourself and the doctor responsible for the delay.
  • Second, you must prove that negligence was involved. Negligence can be demonstrated by defining the standard of care and then using evidence or expert witnesses to prove the doctor breached it.
  • Third, you must provide proof that the doctor’s negligence caused medical, physical or financial harm.

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