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Who Is Responsible for Nursing Home Neglect In Baltimore?

Who Is Responsible for Nursing Home Neglect In Baltimore?Nobody expected to encounter problems of abuse when they choose a nursing home for their loved one. In fact, something like this rarely crosses the minds of those considering a nursing home, but the unfortunate reality is that it can be a real issue.

Because nursing home abuse and neglect does exist, it’s very important to understand the risks involved and how nursing home abuse does happen. This can make it a bit easier to understand who may be held responsible for damages. Here are some things to consider.

Holding Staff Members Accountable

Typically, staff members are some of the most commonly accused individuals of elder abuse because they are the ones directly caring for the residents in the home. Staff members such as caregivers are directly interact with patients on a daily basis, helping those who have an inability to get out of bed or move around much.

Caregivers are also responsible for adhering to turn schedules for those who are ordered to stay in bed and can’t move on their own. When these caregivers or other staff members fail to properly care for an elderly resident, they may cause significant harm such as pressure ulcers, bruising, and more.

Holding a staff member accountable for abuse means showing that their actions—or inaction—led to the injury sustained, whether physically or emotionally. This means proving that they did not properly care for their resident in a manner designed to keep them safe.

The Nursing Home Owners Can Be Responsible

Even if they do not directly work with the residents in the nursing home, owners and managers can be held responsible for abuse that occurs in their facility. This is because they are expected to provide training, perform background checks on new hires, and monitor the staff.

Nursing home abuse owners must ensure that the daily necessities are provided, security and safety measures are in place, and they hire individuals who pass a background check and are properly trained to care for elderly residents.

When Can Third Parties Be Liable?

While elderly abuse in a nursing home is most often the fault of the nursing home and staff, there are instances in which a third party may be held accountable. This is when items used in the nursing home cause the injury.

For instance, when a wheelchair or walker is not manufactured properly causing the elderly individual to fall. Or if medication is not properly provided to the nursing home for their patients. Also, if food delivered to the nursing home is bad, the provider may be accountable.

Choose a Baltimore Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Understanding negligence and the various parties who can be held responsible for elder abuse is important. At Brown & Barron, our Baltimore nursing home abuse lawyers have extensive experience and knowledge in these matters.

We know that it can be a difficult situation to encounter when you entrust a nursing home to care for your loved one, only to find out that abuse has occurred. We take these cases serious and work hard to hold the negligent party legally and financially accountable for the damages sustained.

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