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Who Is Responsible When Medical Malpractice Occurs?

Who Is Responsible When Medical Malpractice Occurs?There are many different types of negligence in the world, but few are more harmful than when the negligent party is someone who we are supposed to trust. However, this is what happens in the event of medical malpractice and someone sustaining serious injuries or conditions.

We trust doctors, hospitals, and other medical professionals to care for us and look after our health. When they fail to provide that level of care, however, it can result in long-term issues that leave patients enduring the aftermath. Knowing who is at fault in these situations is important.

Doctors Who May Be Negligent

In many cases, it is the doctor who is most often negligent. This means they acted in a negligent manner in their care. Some of the potential actions can include misdiagnosing a condition, ordering wrong tests, performing the wrong procedure, and more.

When a Hospital Is Negligent

In some situations, hospitals may have systems in place that cause confusion in communication and file transfers. For instance, if there is an error in the system in which a doctor receives the wrong medical records on a patient, this may lead to the wrong treatment or procedure being performed.

Other ways in which a hospital may be at fault is when they are understaffed or fail to properly ensure training or experience with the people they hire. This puts patients at risk of not receiving the care and treatment they need.

Other Medical Professionals

Some of the other medical professionals who may be held accountable for the injuries that patients sustain include the anesthesiologist, obstetrician, and nurses. Obstetricians can be negligent in the pregnancy or labor. Anesthesiologists may be negligent in providing too much medication or not identifying allergies.

No matter the case, a medical professional is expected to be safe and provide patients with the best possible care. Failure to do so means the patient can experience lifelong damages and they should be able to pursue legal action for the negligence involved.

At Brown & Barron, our Baltimore medical malpractice attorneys work hard to help you in your time of need. You should be able to trust your doctors to care for you, and our team is here to hold negligent parties accountable for the damages they cause.

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