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How Can Umbilical Cord Issues Cause Birth Injuries?

During regular monitoring of a pregnancy, the doctor can help to identify any signs of fetal distress and what can be causing it. Far too often, this is a situation that involves the umbilical cord and certain issues that could be causing harm to the baby.

Unfortunately, umbilical cord issues often go missed when the doctor does not properly monitor a pregnancy or fails to deliver in a timely manner. Understanding the various problems that can exist with an umbilical cord and how to move forward is important.

Prolapsed Umbilical Cord

A prolapsed umbilical cord can occur during the pregnancy or delivery and results in the umbilical cord dropping through the cervix before the baby. This can cause the umbilical cord to become trapped near the body of the baby and cuts off supply of oxygen to the baby’s brain.

This is a problem often resulting from excessive amniotic fluid, multiple babies being delivered, breech positioning, or a long umbilical cord. While loss of oxygen is a possible problem that may occur, a prolapsed umbilical cord can result in a stillbirth and it’s imperative the doctor properly monitor for fetal distress.

Umbilical Cord Strangulation

Called nuchal cords in the medical world, an umbilical cord wrapped around the baby’s neck is thought to cause strangulation. The umbilical cord isn’t wrapping around the baby’s neck and causing problems, but problems can still occur as a result.

Where the umbilical cord wraps around the baby’s neck and other body parts can cause the cord to lose oxygen flow. The baby’s brain may lose oxygen supply and it can result in significant problems, including brain damage or stillbirth.

Nuchal cords occur in roughly 12 percent of births, but they don’t always cause problems. It’s up to the doctor to determine if the baby is in distress and take action to provide a solution when the umbilical cord experiences any of the potential issues.

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