Hacienda Healthcare: Investigation Of Nursing Home Abuse

Hacienda Healthcare, the owner of a long-term care facility in Arizona, announced it hired a former Maricopa County Attorney to head an internal investigation into the “facts and circumstances” that led to the sexual assault of a patient who was in a vegetative state and ended up giving birth at the facility. According to a statement released by Hacienda Healthcare, the company hired Rick Romley “to ensure a comprehensive, objective, and transparent review of the facts of this deeply disturbing matter.”Hacienda’s board of directors said, “Mr. Romley will have unfettered access to every facet of Hacienda’s business —including all the records related to this matter and all the operational procedures related to the [facility]. We will do everything we can to aid this review and, once it is complete, to make sure this unprecedented situation never, ever happens again.”Romley held a news conference where he explained the scope of the investigation and how it would be different from the investigations currently being conducted by local law enforcement and state and federal agencies. Romley said he will focus on finding lapses in management and security practices that contributed to the sexual assault.Romley said, “I will be going in there and looking at the security surrounding the entire facility to make sure that there’s no future harm to any of the other patients.” How visitors are admitted and which security guards and staff can be viewed with the placement of surveillance cameras throughout the facility will be scrutinized under the new investigation.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers In Baltimore

This unfortunate incident is a reminder that sexual assault is a major issue at nursing homes that impacts elderly and disabled residents throughout the country. That is why our team of skilled attorneys are here to help our clients and their loved ones pursue justice for abuse and neglect experienced at nursing homes. We have the skills and extensive resources you need to secure a fair case result. Stop by our office today to find out what our legal professionals can do for you.

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