Nursing Home Staff Member Shares Nude Photos Of A Resident

Paramount Senior Living Facility in Seven Fields, Pennsylvania is being sued after one of its caregivers photographed a nude resident and posted the compromising image online. Visit our blog for more information about this ongoing story.Blog:

Paramount Senior Living Facility in Seven Fields, Pennsylvania has been targeted by a lawsuit, filed by the family of a senior resident who was allegedly abused by the staff. According to the lawsuit, an elderly woman with dementia was photographed while half-nude and using the bathroom. The caregiver who took the picture uploaded the content onto social media to mock the woman in front of others.

The attorney representing the woman’s family said a multi-month investigation was conducted, spurred by an anonymous phone call that reported the unacceptable behavior. It is believed that more than just the person who took the photograph was involved in the misconduct, including possible certified nurse assistants.

A spokesperson from the nursing home announced the employee who took and uploaded the compromising photograph was terminated. It also tried to prop up an early defense by claiming the center is highly rated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. How the lawsuit will progress or how much damages are being demanded has not been disclosed to the public at this time.

(More information about this ongoing story can be found by clicking here and viewing a full article from KDKA 2 CBS Pittsburgh newsgroup.)

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