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The Importance of Early Monitoring During Pregnancy

Doctor checking mother and baby on ultrasoundDo you know the responsibilities of the doctor when a woman is pregnant? There are several things they must do, but one of the more important steps they must take is ensuring they are performing proper monitoring of the fetus.

Failure to provide early monitoring can be problematic for the mother and the baby. Understanding the importance of early monitoring can help a mother ensure they are taking the steps to hold the doctor accountable to their responsibilities.

Detailing Problems with the Fetus

You may not know it, but there are various issues that can occur while the baby is still developing inside the mother. Monitoring can help to identify those issues through various testing and allow the doctor to remedy the situation as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, if early monitoring is not present, certain issues can go unnoticed, such as a lack of oxygen to the fetus’ brain. If the problem persists without any kind of remedy, it can cause the baby to suffer long-term damage.

Detailing Problems with the Mother

Monitoring isn’t just for the fetus. It’s imperative to have monitoring for the mother as well to better understand just what conditions she has that can impact the baby. For instance, if the mother has high blood pressure or if she is on certain medications, it can be dangerous to the baby.

Of course, there can be several other issues that may be identified. Either way, it’s imperative to ensuring the mother and baby are completely healthy.

At Brown & Barron, we recognize how lack of fetal monitoring can be detrimental to the baby and the mother. Early problems must be identified to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Unfortunately, this is not something that is always provided, and the baby and/or mother are left to suffer the aftermath.

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