These Are The Consequences Of Elder Abandonment

Elder abandonment occurs when a caretaker who is trusted to ensure the well-being of a senior instead deserts the senior in a public or a private place.

Elder abandonment can have devastating consequences for the impacted senior and their family. Learn about some of these consequences and what you can do if your loved one was abandoned by a caretaker.

The Senior Gets Seriously Injured or Killed

The most devastating consequences of elder abandonment are when the deserted senior falls, gets into an accident, becomes the victim of an assault, or is otherwise injured or killed.

Such tragic incidents often happen due to seniors’ physical and mental limitations as they age. According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, a senior’s risk of experiencing such events increases if they:

  • Have low social support from family and friends

  • Have dementia or other cognitive disorders

  • Are lower-income

  • Are women

The Senior Experiences a Major Medical Event

Elder abandonment increases a senior’s exposure to the elements, including extreme heat and cold. Such conditions can make a senior more susceptible to severe sunburn, frostbite, hypothermia, and more. These conditions, while treatable in younger adults, are often fatal for seniors.

The Senior Suffers Severe Psychological Trauma

Being abandoned by a trusted caretaker can be psychologically and emotionally devastating for a senior. The amount of time it takes for the senior to find help or make their way home, along with what they experience throughout the process, can greatly enhance such trauma. It can be difficult for seniors to overcome such trauma, or even communicate how much the experience affected them.

Was Your Loved One Abandoned by a Caretaker? Contact Us Today

Abandoning a senior is a reprehensible act, and those who commit this heinous crime must be held accountable for their actions. Our Baltimore nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys can launch an investigation, identify all liable parties, and help you obtain justice.

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