The Deeper Problems With Surgical Errors

We know that miscommunication and misdiagnosis are key problems that make surgical errors prevalent in today’s healthcare system. However, not everyone knows about the deeper issues that cause these terrible errors.Recognizing the root issues can help understand how negligence becomes possible. How does miscommunication happen? Why do doctors make mistakes? To answer these questions, we must look at the hospital environment, the teams involved, and the stresses that exist in hospital settings.

Environmental Concerns

The hospital is responsible for providing care to patients in a time of need. Part of this care is ensuring that equipment is safe, particularly the equipment that surgeons use during procedures on patients.

When surgeons use equipment that is malfunctioning, unsanitary, or out-of-date, the patient may face life-threatening infections or injuries during or after their procedure.

Hospitals must ensure the environment in which doctors operate is safe from hazards. When medical practitioners’ work environment is dangerous, the hospital may be held liable for all damages that result from this oversight.

Surgical Team Concerns

Surgical teams are under significant pressure to meet deadlines. These teams often face scrutiny from administrators, which may lead to a lot of stress. This stress can prevent surgeons from working to their full capacity and, subsequently, make mistakes that cause long-term problems for patients.

Outside Stress Concerns

Outside stress can impact any person in any profession. For doctors, though, they must have the ability to set aside external stressors in order to perform their job safely and effectively. When doctors do not do this, and allow stress to impact their ability to work, they may make fatal mistakes. Sadly, when this happens, the patient is often the one who suffers the most.

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