The Dangers of Nursing Home Falls [INFOGRAPHIC]

Falls can be much more devastating for seniors than for younger adults. Along with being dangerous, falls are also extremely common for seniors, with millions of these injuries happening every year.Our infographic below demonstrates the devastating consequences that falls can have for nursing home residents.

Why Do Falls Happen in Nursing Homes?

It seems as though nursing homes should be the last place that falls should occur, given the fact that we trust these facilities to take care of our loved ones when we no longer have the resources to do so.

Sadly, however, nursing homes across the country still fail to take the appropriate precautions in order to prevent falls. At a minimum, these precautions should include the following four measures:

  • Have appropriate staffing levels
  • Provide constant supervision to seniors who have underlying conditions
  • Prescribe correct dosages of medication to avoid undue grogginess
  • Keep the facility clean and free from slip and fall hazards

Does Your Loved One Keep Falling in Their Nursing Home? Contact Us Today

If your loved one keeps falling down in their nursing home, and the facility’s staff has not done enough to address the issue, our Baltimore nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys can help you identify liable parties and hold them accountable for their negligence.

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