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Is My Child’s Delayed Development Due to a Birth Injury?

Virtually every parent knows the developmental miles that their babies should hit, and when they should hit them.

It’s possible that the root cause of any developmental delays is an injury that occurred during the labor and delivery process.

Below, we outline major developmental milestones and what it may mean if your child is not meeting them.

Babies’ Developmental Milestones

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), babies should meet the following milestones by two months of age:

  • Begins to smile at people

  • Tries to look at their parent

  • Coos and makes gurgling sounds

  • Turns head toward sounds

  • Begins to follow things with eyes

  • Can hold up head and begins to push up when lying on stomach

  • Can make smoother movements with arms and legs

Did My Child Receive a Birth Injury?

If you notice that your child has not met these critical milestones by two months of age, bring it to the attention of their doctor. Discuss with them whether you think these delays were caused by a birth injury.

Certain birth injuries, such as cerebral palsy, shoulder dystocia, and more, occur as a result of oxygen deprivation or stretching and pulling that happened during the labor and delivery process.

If you suspect a birth injury caused your child’s delayed development, our team at Brown & Barron, LLC is prepared to launch an investigation and help you seek justice against any negligent medical providers.

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