Brown & Barron Calls Isolated Seniors For Meals On Wheels

At Brown & Barron, we are passionate supporters of Meals on Wheels, and when they asked for help making check-in calls to their elderly clients, our employees eagerly volunteered. Meals on Wheels had to change their delivery model by temporarily halting face-to-face visits and leaving meals at the doorstep. It was a necessary precaution due to COVID-19, but for many elderly clients, that meant losing the only regular human contact they have, creating a very lonely and potentially dangerous situation. Our team at Brown & Barron is answering the call – by making the calls!“I love chatting with Meals on Wheels clients because they don’t bother with pretense,” said Eleanor Chung, an associate with Brown & Barron. “They’re more honest about how they really are, and a lot of times that honesty seems to come with a better sense of humor. I find myself laughing a lot. I’m sure I’m getting just as much out of these check-in calls as the Meals on Wheels clients, if not more.”The virus and its quarantine requirements have been a tough adjustment for all of us. Many of us have found ourselves with too much time and too little social connection, and this program is a rewarding experience that makes an enormous difference in the lives of isolated seniors.

“It’s a privilege to speak to each client,” said Lisa Baker of Brown & Barron. “Meals on Wheels gives you scripted questions to help you cover practical concerns, but it helps that I’m a good listener, which has helped me to connect with each client on a personal level. As a result, I can talk to someone about the benefits of things like friendship, family support, good neighbors, or companion animals in a manner that establishes rapport. The call serves a very important safety purpose, but it is also a pleasure to engage in small talk that uplifts their spirits and adds positive social interaction to their day – and mine.”

Meals on Wheels is still in need of volunteers to check-in with customers by phone. The volunteers are calling twice per week to ensure the clients’ safety, health, and wellbeing. Volunteers can set the number of people they want to call. The typical volunteer calls 5-10 clients, but they have volunteers that handle anywhere from a single client to up to 20 clients.

How to participate:

Send an email to:

Emily Trotter, Assistant Director, Volunteer Support Services at:

The attorneys at Brown & Barron specialize in representing nursing home residents who have been neglected or abused. We know, first-hand, how these facilities function, and just how vulnerable residents are.

To learn more about how the coronavirus is affecting Nursing Homes and their residents, visit our Coronavirus Resource Center Also, if you believe you or a family member has suffered as a result of nursing home negligence, call our team today at (410) 698-1717 to learn more about your rights and options.

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