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Can Birth Injuries Be Prevented?

The key difference between birth injuries and birth defects is that birth injuries are largely preventable while birth defects are not.

Below, our Baltimore birth injury attorneys discuss the measures that healthcare professionals can take to make birth injuries a less frequent occurrence.

How Common Are Birth Injuries?

Of every 1,000 babies born in the United States per year, approximately 6 to 8 of them are born with a birth injury. This equates to 28,000 children per year born with an injury that, in most cases, could have been prevented.

Many birth injuries result from errors in the delivery room. These errors may include a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare professional failing to:

  • Monitor the infant for signs of fetal distress

  • Order a C-section when necessary

  • Use birth-assistance devices, such as a forceps or vacuum, correctly

Taking Care in the Delivery Room

When a doctor does not know how to respond to events in the delivery room, or makes an error that another similarly qualified professional would not make, it may be considered a deviation from the required standard of care.

In order to lessen the degree to which this happens, healthcare professionals should take the following measures in the delivery room:

  • Spend enough time with each birthing mother to ensure both her and the baby are not exhibiting any warning signs of distress.

  • Know when to order a C-section and do not hesitate to do so when necessary.

  • If birth assistance tools must be used, use them slowly and with care.

  • Ensure the delivery room is free from hazards or contaminated items.

  • Closely monitor the mother and child before and after the birth.

  • Ensure the mother has the ability to communicate any symptoms she may be feeling, and address them seriously and appropriately.

Suspect a Birth Injury? We’re Here to Help

If you or your child suffered an injury during the birthing process that you believe could have been prevented, our Baltimore birth injury attorneys are here to help.

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