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Feel Good Friday

Older woman sitting on a dining table

Staying current with news on the coronavirus (COVID-19) is an important part of thoughtful citizenship, but it’s also a little draining. So here are a few positive news snippets for your weekend…

Grandmother Sews Masks for Nursing Home Residents

While many of us have been wearing out our remotes looking for something new on TV, 89-year-old Teresa Provo of Chicago has been keeping busy by sewing masks for her family and neighbors. She began by making about 50 sports-teams themed masks for her family members. With the help of her friends, “Grandma Terry” has cranked out 600 masks for the nursing home where she lives. What does an 89-year-old grandmother listen to while she sews? The Beatles, of course.

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Pandemic flus are 0-2 vs. Angelina Sciales. The 102-year-old resident of Mohegan Lake, New York, was born on a ship bearing immigrants from Italy to the United States during the pandemic of 1918, and in 2020 she fully recovered from COVID-19. Sciales, who is also a cancer survivor, comes from hearty stock. According to her daughter, “Everybody in the family lived until at least 95, except one uncle,” she said.

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Layne McKeel, a senior with a disability from Georgetown, Tennessee, was disheartened when he saw that he was $40 dollars short for the essential groceries he had shopped for. When he told the cashier he would be back after returning some of the groceries to the shelves, the 17-year-old cashier told him that would not be necessary, as she would be paying for the entire grocery $173 bill. Elizabeth Taylor, who works at the Fresh n’ Low supermarket modestly commented, “I just try to give back when I can.” “She’s just a little angel is what she was. You know, just the light of day,” McKeel said.

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