What Are The Treatment Options For A Birth Injury?

Birth injuries have the potential to change a child’s life before it has even begun. When doctors, nurses, or other healthcare professionals do not provide a high standard of care in the delivery room, they may harm the mother and her child.

While some birth injuries go away with treatment, others last the remainder of the child’s life.

Below, we discuss the treatment options for different types of birth injuries.

How to Treat a Birth Injury

Some birth injuries, including cerebral palsy (CP) and brain damage caused by oxygen deprivation, are so severe that they cannot be cured. The child will have to live with the consequences of errors made during the birthing process for the rest of their life.

Although birth injuries of this kind are permanent, that does not mean the child’s prognosis cannot be improved with treatments and therapies.

Below are some common treatments for a variety of birth injuries:


Severe cases of brachial plexus injuries may improve with corrective surgeries when physical therapy is not enough to lessen their symptoms.

Additionally, surgery may be required for birth injuries that resulted in brain hemorrhaging and skull fractures.


Not every child who suffers from a birth injury requires medication. The right prescription can, however, mitigate the side effects of some birth injuries for certain individuals, including:

  • Pain management and anti-inflammatory medication
  • Anti-spastic medication
  • Seizure medication

Physical Therapy

Some children who have experienced birth injuries, including those living with CP, may benefit from physical therapy. Regular physical therapy sessions may help these children regain some control over their motor coordination that had been negatively impacted by CP.

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