The Worst 3 Hospitals in Maryland in 2022

Leapfrog Group Gives Low Patient Safety Ratings to Multiple Maryland Hospitals

Each year, the nonprofit organization known as The Leapfrog Group assigns patient safety ratings to hospitals around the country in an attempt to make hospital practices more transparent to the public. In a country where medical malpractice is the third-leading cause of death (more than 250,000 fatalities annually), this type of research is critical to help prevent further patient injuries – and to draw attention to troubling patterns of medical error.

For 2022, the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade reported that three Maryland hospitals had received either a “C” or a “D” rating. After analyzing these hospitals in areas like the total number of infections, surgical problems, safety practices, safety concerns, and staffing, The Leapfrog Group determined their substandard performance in these areas. In all three cases, the hospitals have either consistently failed on the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade or showed low-to-average scores in previous years.

The Three Worst Hospitals in Maryland for 2022 Include:

  • UPMC Western Maryland, Cumberland – C Grade
  • Northwest Hospital, Randallstown – D Grade
  • University of Maryland Capital Region Medical Center, Upper Marlboro – D Grade

From dangerous levels of MRSA infections to recurring problems with bedsores and patient falls, these hospitals all performed much worse than other hospitals in the state of Maryland. While not every person who visits a poor hospital will automatically suffer an error – and not all instances of medical error are fatal – it is alarming that these hospitals have continually failed to prioritize patient safety.

Medical malpractice lawyers have committed advocates for patients who have suffered serious injuries and lost loved ones to medical errors. We believe it’s important to hold medical professionals accountable for negligence so that no one has to suffer these preventable injuries. Using our knowledge of the civil justice system, we aim to make a real difference in the lives of others – and push hospitals to do better for Maryland patients.

How Leapfrog Assigns Hospital Rankings

As a patient, you may not look at the same measurables and benchmarks Leapfrog’s ranking agency uses to rate local hospitals. They rely on 22 separate pieces of data to reach their rankings. Ten of these specifically measure patient safety.

Leapfrog measures the following in tandem and together:

  • Process Measures — the way the hospital uses recommended care and treatment options as part of patient care protocols and how staff responds to requests for help
  • Structural Measures — the way the hospital and its treating physicians regulate the patient care system, including computer use and error-prevention methods

They also track:

  • Outcome Measures — the aftermath of patient care, which can include the kind of post-treatment care they received or having objects being left inside a patient after surgery 

These areas together account for half of the hospital’s score. Hospital Safety Grades are reassessed on a twice-yearly basis. 

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How Our Law Firm Helps Patients of Low-Rated Hospitals

In an emergency situation, you may not have a choice of which hospital provides the care you receive. Sometimes, you may opt to receive care at the closest or most convenient hospital. You might also be unaware of the grade or status of the hospital in question.

In either situation, if you were treated at a hospital with a low Leapfrog grade, you could be entitled to financial compensation. Obtaining it on your own can be challenging. Here is how a Maryland law firm can help:

  • Review the details of your case for free
  • Obtain and review your treatment records
  • Catalog your injuries and improper care
  • Consult medical experts and specialists
  • Determine your ongoing or corrective needs

A medical malpractice law firm will help you build a strong case for financial compensation. Your lawyer will ensure you have a Certificate of Merit, which is required in all Maryland medical malpractice cases. They will ensure your case meets all required legal parameters and is filed in a timely manner.

Know How Much Time You Have to Seek Compensation

If you believe you or someone you love suffered a healthcare setback because of a hospital error or mishap, you have a limited time to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. Timely filing is critical. If your lawsuit is not filed on time, you will not be able to file it, or the court will dismiss it without ever being heard. 

According to Maryland Courts & Judicial Proceedings Code section 5-109, you have:

  • Three years from the date a medical error occurred
  • In some exceptions, it can be three years from the date a medical error was discovered (but no more than 5 years from the date it occurred). 

The statute of limitations can be difficult to define and comply with on your own. Non-compliance, though, can be costly and can prevent you from filing your lawsuit at all. It’s best to act immediately. 

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