How Do I Choose a Podiatrist in Maryland?

Quick Tips

  • You can compare podiatrists on
  • Choose a podiatrist that has a specialization in your issue
  • If possible, choose an expert who teaches & trains other podiatrists

In many healthcare situations, we do not have the luxury of time to shop for the best practitioner, but podiatry issues can often wait for us to make an educated choice on the best podiatrist, also called a doctor of podiatric medicine (DPM). Like other doctors, podiatrists complete four years of training and podiatry medical school, followed by three years of residency training in a hospital setting, as is the case with doctors of other fields. Assuming it is not an emergency situation, there are certain factors that can help align you with a podiatrist that best suits your needs.

Compare Podiatrists on

You can search and compare local podiatry specialists, using a database created and maintained by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS). It empowers users to enter their location and search for and compare doctors practicing in their area, including podiatrists. Access the Internet and go to and search for podiatrists. The search engine gives you the ability to plug in your respective locality in Maryland, so you can fine-tune the doctor search for someone who is not only well regarded but convenient to your location. You can also select two or three doctors and put them side-by-side to compare them on variables such as their education, gender, group affiliations cost relative to Medicare-approved amount, and other details.

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Put an Emphasis on Specialization

There are different types of injuries, issues, and conditions that fall into the expertise of podiatry, but not all podiatrists are equally adept at all aspects of foot problems. It is recommended that you consider a podiatrist who has specialized expertise and success in your particular condition or complication. For instance, some podiatrists specialize in sports-related foot injuries, while others are more focused on ulcers related to diabetes. It’s important to connect with a podiatrist who meets your needs.

Tips for Choosing the Best Podiatrist

Friend & Family References

It never hurts to ask friends and family for a reference on a podiatrist. Whether the reference is positive or negative, it can be helpful in the overall process of finding podiatrists to consider or to eliminate from consideration.

Consider their Professional Credentials

In #1, we recommend that you compare podiatrists on the CMS website, and one of the comparison criteria is Group Affiliations. Once you’ve refined your list, ask the podiatrists you’re considering if they are board-certified, and what hospitals they are affiliated with.

Give Extra Points If They Teach or Train Other Podiatrists

You may have heard the expression that “Those who can’t do, teach.” Well, in searching for a podiatrist, that is the exact WRONG advice. In this case, those who teach can do it well enough that other podiatrists want to learn from them. If you find a podiatrist who trains others, they tend to be more knowledgeable on modern issues and methods, including the latest diagnostic tools and treatment equipment.

To schedule a free case review with a podiatrist malpractice lawyer serving Baltimore, call Brown & Barron at (410) 698-1717 or contact us online today!

The vast majority of podiatry cases result in extraordinary care for the patient by talented and passionate professionals. However, when malpractice happens due to a podiatry error or negligence, it can result in long-term disability for the patient. At Brown & Barron, we help families who suspect malpractice get to the truth of the matter and recover the money that they deserve. If you would like a free, no-obligation review of your podiatry case, call us at (410) 698-1717 or contact us online.

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