What to Do If a Nursing Home Doesn’t Give You Information About Your Loved One

If you are trying to obtain information on a loved one in a nursing home and the facility is not providing this information, it’s important to recognize why you are looking for said information and approach the situation by remaining calm and collected.

Requesting Information from a Nursing Home

Your first step should be to call or visit the nursing home's office and speak with an administrator or other personnel regarding your queries. When a loved one is living in a nursing home, it can be difficult to get the information needed to ensure their well-being. Although administrators and staff are usually happy to provide necessary data, many do not understand the urgency that families feel regarding their loved one's safety and health.

To get the most out of each interaction, it is important for family members to take initiative and ask questions in a courteous but firm manner. They should be concise with their requests for updates and patient about getting those answers. With clear expectations and understanding all sides involved, it should be possible to obtain necessary information from the nursing home when another party is involved.

Reporting the Nursing Home for Not Providing Information

Contact your state’s Department of Health Services, which can help guide you on the appropriate way to file a formal complaint against the nursing home — either for withholding information or for any underlying medical concerns about the care of your loved one in their care.

Finally, if all else fails, consider consulting with a legal professional who specializes in elderly rights advocacy — they will be able to provide guidance on how best to pursue a resolution so that your loved one is receiving adequate care.

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