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A complicated delivery may result in different birth injuries for newborns. The severity and the consequences of every type of birth injury depend on the actions taken by the obstetrician and medical team during birth labor. 

Although some minor injuries do not require treatment and are completely healed after some time, some may bring life-long repercussions for the baby and their family. If you suspect negligence or medical malpractice that led to severe birth injuries in your newborn, you should contact a birth injury lawyer to help you with your case. 

How Can I Find a Birth Injury Attorney Near Me? 

Having a suitable and professional lawyer by your side could make the difference between getting an appropriate resolution for your case or being dismissed. You can find a birth injury lawyer in Annapolis with Brown & Barron. 

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What Are Some of the Most Known Birth Injuries? 

There are several birth injuries that may occur during or after birth labor on infants and also on the mother. The most commonly seen problems you should be aware of are: 

  • Head injuries: during labor, the most frequent injuries may occur in the head, as the primary part of the body precedes at birth. Some of these injuries are fractures, dysmorphia, hypoxia or asphyxia, among others.   
  • Nerve injuries: as there are nerves in every part of the baby’s body during labor, some of these may result in damage and consequently bring other issues such as face and body paralysis, difficulty breathing, temporal or permanent spinal cord injuries.  
  • Bleeding: when there are complications during labor, some extreme pressure is applied to the newborn, causing internal bleeding inside the brain or other internal organs that may significantly affect their life. 
  • Broken bones: other types of birth injuries are related to broken bones. These injuries may be the skull, hip, spine, or limbs fractures. 
  • Different complications: some other complications could be related to underlying conditions or defects that may or may not have been diagnosed beforehand.

Although some of these are the most commonly seen birth injuries, there might be some others that could affect your newborn’s quality of life or health in the long term.  

What Are the Main Reasons for Birth Injuries to Happen? 

Birth labor is a rather complicated procedure in itself. It may cause several consequences for both the mother and the baby, although some of them are not of great importance. However, some factors could increase the risk of a birth injury and other complications, for example: 

  • High blood pressure in the mother during or before delivery. 
  • Early deliveries that bring premature newborns. 
  • Prolonged labor.
  • Not proceeding with a C-section on time. 
  • Failing to give a proper diagnosis of an injury in the baby. 

As many of these reasons for birth injuries can be preventable, you could be facing a case of medical malpractice or negligence by your doctor or medical team. 

How a Birth Injury Lawyer Can Help 

Birth injuries could result from different reasons, and even some of them could be a consequence of congenital conditions. Even if a birth injury appears from a situation in the early stages of the pregnancy, obstetricians and medical teams should be prepared during labor to minimize the adverse effects of that injury. 

If the doctor or medical team fails to give appropriate treatment to the newborn at any moment of the delivery, they could be falling into negligence or medical malpractice. In some other cases, the injuries might be directly inflicted by the actions of a doctor or a medical team member. 

Our birth injury lawyer can help you file a complaint or lawsuit against the doctor or medical team responsible for the birth injuries in your newborn. 

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Our Legal Services 

As birth injuries are considered a specific type of medical malpractice, a birth injury lawyer should be experienced in different circumstances. For example, how to submit a complaint, demonstrate the doctor and medical team’s liability for the injuries, prove the severity of the injuries and get the proper compensation for the family. 

A birth injury attorney may help you by: 

  • Submitting a complaint or lawsuit against all the personnel involved in your case. 
  • Collecting evidence that proves specific medical malpractice or negligence was inflicted before, during, or after birth labor. 
  • Assessing the appropriate amount of compensation according to the extension of the injuries. 
  • Fighting in court for your interests if necessary. 

What to Do in Case of a Birth Injury Happening to Your Newborn? 

To submit a complaint or file a lawsuit against the doctors or medical team involved in your birth injury case, you should be aware of the statute of limitations ruling in the state you are living in. 

If this period has passed, you may not have the chance to present a complaint nor obtain any compensation for the injuries inflicted on you or the newborn. A birth injury lawyer could help you file your lawsuit before the statute of limitations to ensure you get proper compensation. 

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