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Arbutus Nursing Home Bedsore Injury Lawyer

When you decide to place a loved one in a nursing home, you expect the people looking after them to provide the necessary care and the best medical attention possible. However, neglect and even abuse is not uncommon in nursing homes due to factors like understaffing and lack of training. The results of this can range from mental and emotional to physical harm, such as the development of bedsores.

If you have a family member in one of these facilities and they developed bedsores, it can lead to other serious medical problems. You have an opportunity to seek justice and compensation from those responsible. A nursing home bedsore injury lawyer from Brown & Barron can help you gather the necessary evidence and build a case for all the damages your loved one has suffered.

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What Causes Bedsores?

Bedsores, also known as pressure ulcers, develop due to lack of blood flow and can appear in different body parts, such as the arms, head, legs, shoulders, etc. This lack of blood flow is due to the patient being bedridden and unable to move or turn over on their own.

As such, bedsores can develop when nursing home staff does not follow the proper process for shifting patients periodically to maintain blood flow and relieve pressure on the body. Further, once bedsores start to develop, they require immediate attention. When bedsores go unaddressed, these open wounds can quickly become infected.

Health Complications From Bedsores in Nursing Homes

Pressure ulcers can gradually become worse if proper medical attention is not received. Possible health conditions bedsores can cause include:

  • Sepsis: This occurs when the body releases chemical substances to fight an infection, which causes inflammation. Severe, prolonged inflammation can cause some of the body’s systems to stop working, making this condition potentially fatal.
  • Cellulitis: This is a common bacteria on the skin that causes sore and swollen skin in the affected area. If not treated correctly, it can spread and become deadly.
  • Gangrene: Gangrene is the death of tissue in the body from lack of blood supply. It can occur in the extremities, skin, or internal organs.
  • Bone infections: Osteomyelitis is one of the bone complications that a pressure ulcer can cause. This condition causes inflammation in the bone, leading to fever, aches, chills, fatigue, and much more.

Many of the complications from bedsores can be fatal, so receiving proper, timely treatment is crucial. If you believe a nursing home staff member caused your loved one’s health to deteriorate, our attorneys will collect evidence to connect their actions to your loved one’s illness.

What an Attorney Can Do When Your Loved One Develops Bedsores

If you want to build a strong case for elderly neglect or abuse, it is best to obtain as much evidence as possible and contact an attorney. Here are some of the steps our lawyers can take to prove negligence on the part of nursing home staff:

  • Obtain information about possible past claims or lawsuits against the nursing home
  • Visit the nursing home to observe the conditions of the place
  • Take photos of your loved one’s pressure ulcers
  • Review your loved one’s medical records to understand the level and type of treatment and attention they’ve been receiving
  • Request information about nursing home staff members

Once we’ve gathered the necessary evidence, we can identify who the liable parties are and construct a personal injury or wrongful death case against them. You won’t have to do anything but look after your family.

What It’s Like to Work With Our Firm

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Start Working on Your Arbutus Nursing Home Neglect Case

When negligence at an Arbutus nursing home compromises your loved one’s health, leading to bedsores and other complications, you deserve legal support you can count on. Our team of personal injury and medical malpractice attorneys can provide the guidance you need to hold the facility and its staff accountable. 

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You Have a Time Limit to File a Lawsuit

If you don’t want your personal injury case to get dismissed, it is necessary to file a lawsuit by the appropriate deadline. 

Maryland follows multiple filing deadlines depending on the type of lawsuit you are pursuing:

The longer you wait to get started, the less time our team will have to investigate and build your case before we have to file.

Possible Damages in a Nursing Home Neglect Case

All personal injury and negligence cases are different, so an exact amount of compensation cannot be promised. However, victims of bedsores in nursing homes and their families could recover the following types of damages:

  • Medical expenses: These include all ongoing and future expenses for medicines, ambulance trips, therapy, and more.
  • Pain and suffering: These damages are calculated based on the severity of the injuries, or loss of the loved one.
  • Wrongful death: If your loved one died due to complex injuries, you might be eligible for funeral and burial expenses, as well as other damages.

We know money won’t change the fact that your loved one suffered from negligent acts committed in a nursing home. However, filing a case against those responsible and receiving compensation can bring your family justice and limit any financial harm you could experience.


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