How Do Birth-Aiding Tools Play A Role In Birth Injuries?

Birth-aiding tools: They’re not nearly as universal in modern-day delivery rooms, but there are situations when doctors may opt to try and use one of these tools. These tools were designed to help deliver a baby whenever the mother was having trouble pushing or delivering on her own.As helpful as these were supposed to be, there have been many instances where the improper use of the tools resulted in babies and mothers suffering severe injuries. As such, it is essential; that you recognize the potential dangers of these items and what rights you have to refuse the use of said tools.

The Problems with Vacuum Extractors

A vacuum extractor suctions on the crown of the baby’s head to help pull him or her through the birthing canal. Used correctly, this can be a quick and easy way to help the mother deliver the baby.

However, when improperly used, it can result in the baby’s head and brain suffering significant harm because of the suction. If the doctor brings up the potential use of the vacuum extractor, you have the right to deny it.

How Can Forceps Be Dangerous to a Baby?

Forceps look almost like tongs and are used to clamp onto the baby’s head, and force is used to deliver the baby. As it sounds, this can be dangerous to the baby’s skull and brain, causing fractures, bruising, tissue damage, and more.

It can also cause shoulder dystocia due to the force used on the baby to pull him or her through the birthing canal. If this happened to your baby, know that you have rights. You can hold the doctor accountable for the harm done to your child.

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