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How Does A Delayed C-Section Impact The Health Of A Baby?

If a medical professional believes that there is a potential risk during the delivery of a baby, they may opt to perform an emergency cesarean section to surgically deliver the baby. This is a decision that must be made in a timely manner to prevent significant problems from occurring.While many mothers are concerned about C-sections, it is often necessary to protect the baby from even further harm. Here are some of the things that you should know about a doctor’s decision to perform an emergency C-section, and what can happen if the doctor fails to do so in a timely manner.

When Must an Emergency C-Section Be Performed?

An emergency C-section is performed when any of these problems exist:

  • The baby is experiencing some form of fetal distress
  • The mother has experienced a ruptured uterus
  • The baby is suffering due to a prolapsed umbilical cord
  • The labor has lasted a long period of time—enough to be considered prolonged

There is a protocol that should be followed when a doctor decides to perform an emergency C-section. For instance, there should be just 30 minutes from the decision to perform the procedure to the first incision. This makes it imperative for doctors to act quickly.

Loss of Oxygen Supply

Many of the times an emergency C-section is ordered is because the baby is experiencing some form of fetal distress. Often, this means their heart rate is elevated or abnormal and they may be experiencing loss of oxygen supply.

If the C-section is delayed, it can cause the baby to experience a prolonged period of time during which he or she is without necessary oxygen. As a result, they can suffer serious brain injuries and potential other birth injuries.

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