Nursing Home Care Quality Graded as “D+” by Americans, Survey Says

The quality of care in nursing homes has not had a good reputation across the country for many years now. A recent survey from West Health and Gallup confirmed as much, too. According to the online survey that asked participants several questions about their opinions on nursing homes, most people would grade the quality of nursing home care as a concerning D+.

Based on the survey results, nursing home quality of care was graded as:

  • F by 6% of participants
  • D by 36% of participants
  • C by 33% of participants
  • B by 8% of participants
  • A by 1% of participants

When considered together, the survey results show that 75% of Americans believe that nursing homes across the country require significant-to-moderate safety improvements. With more than 250,000 estimated incidents of nursing home abuse and neglect each year, the survey results seem to accurately reflect the truth of the matter.

Other interesting information made available through the Gallup survey includes:

  • 70% of the participants would not feel comfortable living in a nursing home.
  • 61% of the participants would not feel comfortable admitting a family member to a nursing home.
  • 70% of the participants who would not feel comfortable living in a nursing home cited poor quality of care as the top concern.
  • 27% of that same group said that they would be the most concerned about their physical safety, with women expressing this concern more often than men.
  • 42% of the participants said that nursing homes are not well equipped to prevent resident injuries and illnesses.

(If you would like to know more about the results of the West Health and Gallup survey about peoples’ opinions on nursing home safety, you can click here to view a full Gallup News article.)

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