Birth Injuries

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A newborn baby deserves every chance at a happy life, so when an infant suffers a birth injury, it just doesn’t seem fair. Birth injuries caused by the medical care providers entrusted to bring them into the world safely are downright infuriating. If you believe your baby was injured at birth due to the negligence of a medical practitioner, you may be able to recover compensation. 

A Germantown birth injury attorney at Brown & Barron can assist you with filing a medical malpractice claim or lawsuit. We provide a free case review where our legal team will determine how to best serve you during this traumatic time. 

Brown & Barron Offer Caring Legal Advocacy in Your Montgomery County Birth Injury Case

Brown & Barron provides caring and responsive legal support. If your baby was harmed due to suspected medical malpractice, contact us immediately. A Germantown birth injury lawyer at our firm is here for you. 

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Our Germantown Birth Injury Attorney Can Help Protect Your Baby’s Future

Our birth injury lawyers are dedicated to holding negligent healthcare providers responsible for their misconduct. 

Babies who suffer birth trauma often have long-term health or developmental problems and special needs. We will demand justice for them. Money cannot possibly make up for what you and your child have lost, but it can give your baby a better chance at achieving the life you envisioned for them.  We will work hard to:

  • Investigate the cause of your medical negligence claim
  • Collect evidence of fault
  • Gather medical records, documents, and evidence of your baby’s trauma
  •  Pinpoint all liable parties
  • Manage communication with the defendant and their insurance carrier
  • Tabulate the value of your family’s losses 
  • File a claim or lawsuit on your behalf

Rebuild Your Life with Compensation From Your Germantown Birth Injury Case

Compensation from your birth injury case allows you and your family peace of mind. It can provide relief for the mounting medical bills, day-to-day care costs, or living expenses. You could collect damages for:

  • Your baby’s current and future medical expenses
  • Transportation expenses 
  • Daily care expenses 
  • Supplies 
  • Lost wages 
  • Medical devices and equipment
  • Infant rehabilitative therapy
  • Pain and suffering for you, your baby, and your family

Per Md. Cts. & Jud. Proc. Code § 3-2A-09, Maryland allows medical malpractice victims to recover economic damages in any amount, but as of 2022 caps non-economic damages at $860,000. The cap rises by $15,000 each year. Depending on when your case is filed and concluded, you may be able to receive more than the current limit. 

Causes of Birth Injuries Can Be Natural or Negligence-Based

A birth injury results from trauma to a baby’s body during labor or delivery. Birth trauma can occur as a part of the normal birth process. Most times, these injuries are minor and usually heal over time. 

However, birth injuries can also occur because of care or lack thereof from medical providers. Causes of birth trauma include:

  • Squeezing the newborn’s head and/or nerves 
  • Loss of oxygen
  • Forceps or a vacuum use to remove baby during delivery
  • Administering or prescribing medications and treatments improperly 
  • Incorrect diagnosis during prenatal care
  • Not being diagnosed in prenatal stages
  • Improper conduct during prenatal care 
  • Improper monitoring while giving birth

If a physician, nurse, or other medical professional or entity in Germantown acted negligently in caring for you or your baby, they should be held responsible. 

Contact Brown & Barron online today to schedule a free case review with a with a birth injury lawyer serving Germantown.

How Will a Birth Injury Affect My Baby?

Head, neck, and shoulder injuries are the most common in birth trauma cases, but some infants also suffer face, legs, and abdomen injuries. Types of birth injuries include: 

  • Seizures
  • Brain damage
  • Cerebral palsy 
  • Nerve damage in the arms or hands (Brachial Plexus Palsy or Erb’s Palsy)
  • Bruising
  • Paralysis of the face
  • Hemorrhaging 
  • Bone fractures, especially of the collarbone
  • Bruising and swelling of the scalp (Caput Succedaneum)
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Damage to blood vessels in the eyes 

Most birth injuries will affect your child’s development and neurological function. Getting help right away to recover the finances you need will allow you to find the best care and learning resources as your baby grows. Our birth injury lawyers serving Germantown are available to assist you.

There is a Filing Deadline for Birth Injuries in Germantown, Maryland

If your baby is showing signs of birth injury likely caused by negligence, you should connect with us right away. Per Md. Courts & Judicial Proceedings Code Ann. § 5-109, medical malpractice victims have the earlier of five years from the date of injury or three years from the date they discovered the injuries to file a lawsuit. 

In the case of a birth injury, the lawsuit must be brought before the child turns 21, if filing on behalf of the child. If your baby passed away due to their injuries, you have three years from the death to file a lawsuit. 

Other rules and exceptions apply to birth injury cases, so it is in your best interest to connect with us now to understand how the statute of limitations applies to your case. 

Overall, missing the filing deadline means losing your opportunity to hold the healthcare professional accountable in court.

Let us help you recover the compensation you and your child deserve. Call us for your free consultation today.


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