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Your health and wellbeing are important, and you deserve the best possible medical care when issues arise. There are standards that every doctor is required to adhere to, and the failure to do so could result in devastating consequences for your health. One of the most dangerous violations of these standards is the failure to diagnose an illness or injury accurately.

If your doctor failed to diagnose your condition, your health could have worsened as a result. You may have the right to pursue compensation through a legal claim in these situations, and you do not have to do so alone. A Rockville failure to diagnose attorney could help you recover fair compensation from a negligent medical professional who failed to diagnose your condition.

A Rockville Lawyer Could Help You Recover Compensation in a Failure to Diagnose Case

If you are living with a medical injury because your doctor did not diagnose your condition in time, you could be entitled to a monetary award. Holding your medical provider accountable could be possible with the right legal counsel. 

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What Is the Average Settlement in a Failure to Diagnose Case?

While it is reasonable to wonder about the average settlement in a failure to diagnose case, the truth is that this information is not available. There is no comprehensive source for settlement information, largely because these settlements are rarely made public. And even if they were, the information would not be very beneficial because each case is unique.

Thankfully, you could understand the value of your case without knowing the average settlement. That is because our firm can review the facts and advise you on what you might be entitled to recover. Your damages could include:

  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Mental anguish
  • Medical bills
  • Diminished future earnings

How does a Failure to Diagnose Happen?

Although every medical professional should provide their patients with an accurate diagnosis, there are numerous reasons why this does not always occur. There are times when, despite their best efforts, a doctor cannot pinpoint what is causing a patient’s symptoms. 

Unfortunately, there are many times when carelessness or other errors result in a patient never learning exactly what is wrong with them. The errors that can lead to a failure to diagnose an injury or illness could result from the actions of doctors, nurses, or even hospital administrators. 


The duty to correctly diagnose your condition promptly falls on the shoulders of your doctor. They could be held liable if they are unable to diagnose your condition. However, not every failure to diagnose results from an error. Some conditions are difficult to diagnose or easy to mistake for other illnesses. 

For your doctor to be guilty of medical malpractice, you must show they failed to diagnose an injury or illness that most other medical professionals in that position would have reasonably recognized. 


It is not enough for a doctor to determine a patient’s condition accurately. It is also necessary for the patient to be informed of that condition and a proper treatment plan to be implemented. In some cases, nurses could make critical errors that result in a diagnosis never being made or the results of a diagnosis not being properly recorded. 

Administrators and Other Staff

Administrators and hospital staff also have the potential to play a role in the failure to diagnose your injury or illness. Hospital administrators could mix up records or fail to provide the doctor with accurate records. These errors could result in the failure to diagnose an illness or injury. 

Lab technicians could also make errors when analyzing bloodwork or other samples. These errors could prevent a doctor from accurately diagnosing your condition.

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How Could a Rockville Failure to Diagnose Lawyer Help?

The assistance an attorney can offer in these cases could take many forms. 

Medical malpractice cases are generally complex, and handling cases involving a failure to diagnose an injury or illness can be especially difficult. 

An attorney could help your case in several ways, including:

  • Reviewing your medical records to determine if your doctor made an error
  • Gathering additional information on the duty of care your providers owed you
  • Writing a demand letter to the insurance company
  • Negotiating a settlement on your behalf
  • Filing a medical malpractice lawsuit against the at-fault parties and taking your case to trial, if necessary
  • Ensuring your compliance with the statute of limitations 

Your Rockville failure to diagnose attorney could provide invaluable guidance during every stage of your case.

Relying on their experience could be the best chance for you to receive a fair financial recovery. 

What If I Have Questions About My Case?

It is common for the victims of a delayed diagnosis to have questions about their legal rights. Our firm is ready to provide answers to those questions during a free consultation. 

We offer free initial consultations to anyone living with an injury or illness due to medical malpractice. During your consultation, you will get the chance to ask questions about navigating the legal system. Our attorneys could also advise you specifically on the facts in your case. This could include discussing the challenges you might face, the strengths of your claim, and what your settlement might be worth. 

Opportunities to speak with a legal professional about your failure diagnose case may be rare. To maximize the benefit of this consultation, it is important to leave no question unasked. You could benefit from taking notes during your consultation and even writing down your questions ahead of time to ensure you don’t forget to ask them all. 

The attorneys of Brown & Barron are ready to fight for the fair outcome you deserve. If you are prepared to discuss your legal options, a Rockville failure to diagnose attorney is here to help. Do not wait, as Maryland Courts & Judicial Proceedings Code § 5-109 imposes a strict timeline on medical malpractice lawsuits in Maryland. Contact us right away for your free consultation.


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