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Many senior citizens rely on Rockville’s nursing homes to keep them healthy, so when an elderly person suffers bedsores in a nursing home, it’s a violation of trust and responsibility, and the person can fight to hold the nursing home accountable. Doing so may let the victim collect compensation for their injuries and help prevent incidents in the future. A Rockville nursing home bedsore injury attorney from our firm can help.

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Why do Rockville Nursing Home Bedsore Injuries Occur?

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, bedsores are also known as pressure sores, pressure injuries, or pressure ulcers. They occur when an area of a person’s skin is under constant pressure. For instance, if an elderly person lies in bed on one side of their body for too long, the skin may be placed under constant pressure, and the person may suffer a bedsore.

The elderly can be more prone to getting bedsores than the rest of us because of their limited mobility. Elderly people may be bedridden, confined to a wheelchair, malnourished, diabetic, or suffering from poor circulation, putting them at a greater risk of getting bedsores. Another risk factor is the kind of care a person receives, such as care in a nursing home.

If a nursing home resident is prone to bedsores and isn’t turned regularly in bed, positioned properly in a wheelchair, given proper nutrition, or taken care of in other ways, they may suffer bedsores. The underlying cause is negligence, and it can be a major problem in some nursing homes, such understaffed ones.

How do You Prove Nursing Home Negligence in Rockville?

If your loved one lives in a nursing home and has bedsores, it may be a nursing home staff member’s fault. The staff member was negligent in their duties, and since the nursing home is responsible for their staff’s actions (or inaction), the nursing home may be held accountable.

However, to hold the nursing home accountable, you’ll have to prove the staff member was negligent. To do this, you’ll have to gather evidence of this negligence and demonstrate the components of negligence to the nursing home’s insurance company or in court.

Gathering Evidence of Negligence

It typically isn’t difficult for nursing home staff to prevent their residents from getting bedsores. Your loved one’s bedsores may be evidence of a staff member’s negligence, but you may have to prove your loved one has bedsores. To do this, you might need a medical professional’s diagnosis of bedsores and the professional’s expert opinion of how they occurred.

You might also need direct evidence of the staff member’s negligence. For example, a fellow resident’s testimony or security camera footage could be direct evidence of an immobile patient being unattended for long periods of time. Acquiring this evidence may be difficult, but a Rockville nursing home abuse and neglect lawyer from our firm can get it for you.

Establishing the Components of Negligence

One of our lawyers can also establish the components of negligence to the nursing home’s insurer or in court. This can be difficult, especially if the insurer tries to downplay the nursing home’s irresponsibility, claim that your loved one made their injuries worse, or diminish their damages. Your lawyer will have to:

  • Show that the nursing home breached its duty of care or violated its responsibility to keep your loved one from harm
  • Show causation, or that the violation of responsibility caused harm to your loved one
  • Show that your loved one suffered actual damages due to the harm done to them

Your lawyer will also have to protect your case from any bad faith tactics the insurer may use.

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Should I File an Insurance Claim or Lawsuit in My Rockville Nursing Home Bedsore Injury Case?

If you’re convinced a nursing home staff member was negligent in taking care of your loved one, you can aim to hold the nursing home accountable for neglect and abuse and fight to recover compensation from them. To do so, you can file an insurance claim or a nursing home abuse lawsuit.

Your lawyer can help you decide whether an insurance claim or lawsuit is better in your unique situation. In either action, you may recover damages like your loved one’s pain and suffering and medical expenses, as well as any of your related bills and losses.

You’ll have to determine which kind of action is appropriate in your loved one’s case. With advice from one of our Rockville care facility bedsore injury lawyers, you may find the decision much easier.

Meeting the Deadline in Your Case

If you and your lawyer decide to file a nursing home abuse lawsuit, your lawyer will have to meet the statute of limitations deadline. This deadline is the earlier of either five years from the date of the incident or three years from the date of the discovery of the issue, per Md. Cts. & Jud. Proc. § 5-109.  You should consider hiring your lawyer soon to give them plenty of time to meet the deadline.

If you haven’t taken your loved one to a doctor yet, you should do so. A doctor can prevent bedsore-related complications, like infections, fever, confusion, a quick heartbeat, and general weakness. Also, if you don’t go to the doctor right away, the insurance company may claim you didn’t do enough to prevent complications, and the insurer may dismiss some of your loved one’s damages.

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