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Assisted living facilities are entrusted with the safety of aging parents and grandparents who are unable to take care of themselves. These facilities are bound by medical and legal laws that ensure the nursing home staff provides elderly residents with a high standard of care. Yet, the staff’s negligent and malicious actions often put many seniors in harm’s way. 

If your elderly loved one sustained an injury or has died because of staff, attendant, or assisted living facility misconduct, our Waldorf nursing home abuse and neglect attorney can help you hold the liable individual and facility accountable and secure compensation to cover medical bills and rehabilitation, as well as damages for pain, suffering, and trauma.

The initial, no-obligation consultation is 100 percent free. Our attorney will verify that you have a case and explain your legal options and rights. We are currently taking cases in Waldorf and throughout Maryland.

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How Our Waldorf Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Lawyer Can Help Your Case

When an elderly loved one is abused or harmed through neglect, it can be difficult for the family member to know what to do next or where to turn. Brown & Barron specializes in fighting for the victims of nursing home negligence throughout Maryland. We are well versed in the breadth of laws to protect senior citizens’ health and well-being in assisted living facilities. 

While many nursing home institutions administer excellent care to their residents, numerous other facilities are understaffed, underpaid, and hire poorly trained attendants. If your loved one was a victim of a negligent or abusive nursing home, our attorney and legal team could help you seek justice and compensation through the following services:

  • We will gather evidence of abuse: Nursing homes may do everything in their power to back out of accepting any responsibility for putting your loved one through physical and mental trauma. Our attorney will carefully evaluate your case to gather and document signs of neglect or abuse. 
  • We can help report the abuse: If you suspect abuse or neglect, or if the malicious actions are confirmed, we can help you report it to the appropriate agencies, individuals, and authorities. We can handle all communications with the liable parties—for example, the supervisor of the nursing facility, on your behalf. 
  • We can identify all liable parties: Nursing home abuse can be caused by many different individuals, such as nurses, caretakers, aides, and even other residents. In some cases, the fault may lie in the hands of a third party; for example, if a medication or medical equipment caused harm to the resident, the product’s manufacturer may be held liable. We will assess the facts surrounding the abuse or negligence and identify who was responsible for it.
  • We will determine the damages: You and your loved one may have faced many losses. We will identify each damage and assign a value to reach an appropriate settlement amount that we can then demand from the liable insurer.
  • We can obtain a fair settlement through negotiation or the courtroom: Our attorney will relentlessly negotiate with the at-fault insurer, so you win the maximum reward you are entitled to. If the insurance company is not agreeable to a fair settlement, we will advance your case to court with a solid evidence-backed argument. 

Signs of nursing home abuse could include:

  • Feeling withdrawn from family members or friends
  • Depression, anxiety, or confusion
  • Behavioral changes
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Bruises, cuts, or broken bones
  • Poor hygiene
  • A decline in health
  • An unexplained withdrawal of funds from your loved one’s bank account
  • Staff not allowing you to spend time alone with your loved one 

You do not have to traverse the complicated path of seeking justice and compensation alone. Reach out to us today if you suspect that your elderly loved one is suffering mistreatment in a nursing home facility.

Our Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Attorney in Waldorf Can Prove Nursing Facility Negligence

Even if the nursing home is responsible for your loved one’s suffering, to obtain compensation in court, you must be able to establish negligence through evidence that demonstrates the following elements:

  • The nursing home facility owed a duty of care to the resident.
  • The nursing home facility failed to provide this duty of care to the resident.
  • The resident suffered injuries because of the breach.

Our attorney will help you prove each of the above elements to recover compensation for your loved one’s losses. Some ways we will establish negligence is by: 

  • Noting and documenting signs of abuse or neglect 
  • Reviewing nursing home records and medical records 
  • Photographs of injuries or living conditions of your loved one 
  • Recorded complaints against the facility in the local ombudsman program 
  • Testimonies from other residents, family members, or employees of the nursing home 

Waldorf’s nursing home abuse and neglect attorney will compile the necessary documents from various sources to build a convincing case that clearly demonstrates the horrors your loved one faced. 

Please Call Brown & Barron to Hold the Negligent Nursing Home Accountable

In Maryland, you have the earlier of either five years from the date of injury or three years from the time you discover the injury to file a lawsuit, according to Maryland Courts & Judicial Proceedings Code section 5-109. Consider contacting us as soon as possible so that we can begin documenting evidence and get your loved one and your family the justice and compensation you deserve. 

Contact Brown & Barron online today to schedule a free case review with a with a nursing home abuse lawyer serving Waldorf.

Compensatory Damages in Waldorf Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Cases

Filing for a nursing home abuse and neglect lawsuit can help you obtain financial reparations for various damages that you and your loved one faced.

 Here are some of the losses you may be able to recover: 

  • Medical expenses for medication, hospitalizations, doctor visits, physical therapy, surgical procedures, counseling, and more
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Mental anguish
  • Diminished quality of life 
  • Disfigurement 

In cases where the victim of nursing home abuse and neglect has passed away, the resident’s survivor will be able to collect damages for: 

  • Funeral and burial expenses 
  • Loss of consortium 
  • Loss of companionship 
  • Survivor’s mental anguish and grief 
  • Loss of guidance 

Your Waldorf attorney will be able to explain further which damages you can collect compensation for and estimate a value for your loved one’s case. 

Call us or fill out this form to schedule a free case review with our nursing home negligence and abuse attorney. 


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