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For parents, going home with their baby without any problems and having high-quality medical care are always expected, but unfortunately, this does not happen every time. Due to the negligence of some health professionals, birth injuries occur far too often, ruining the lives of many newborns and their families.

To prevent a birth injury, health care providers always have to follow a high standard of care; otherwise, they could make mistakes and create dire consequences. However, suppose a doctor, midwife, nurse, or hospital staff member committed negligent actions in your delivery. In that case, you could recover monetary compensation and have them face justice with the help of an Arbutus birth injury lawyer.

File Your Birth Injury Lawsuit as Soon as Possible

In the United States, laws limit the time in which a victim of personal injury or professional negligence can file lawsuits. If you fail to file your claim within this period, your case may be dismissed, even if you have sufficient evidence against the person responsible. Therefore, starting your legal process as soon as possible is recommended.

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What Indicates That Your Baby Had a Birth Injury During Delivery?

Although some signs of birth injuries may only be noticed over the years, as your baby grows, you will probably be able to spot some signs in the days following your delivery. However, to be entirely sure that it is an injury caused by the negligence of a health professional, you should first speak with your lawyer.

Merck Manual lists some of the common signs of a birth injury:

  • The baby has unusual movements in his face, legs, or arms or has more control of only one side of their body.
  • Stiffness or flaccidity in the muscles
  • The baby’s heart rate is slow, or their breathing is slow and steady.
  • The baby does not have good neonatal reflexes, does not respond to certain sounds, and does not hold objects (their brain and nerve activity is not regular)
  • Your baby’s skin color has blue or pale tones.
  • Your baby is not eating or drinking or is having trouble feeding normally.
  • Your baby has problems with his organs.

If you begin to notice any of these symptoms in your baby after your delivery, they could have suffered birth injuries. Get a second opinion from another doctor to be sure of this. Suppose the health care provider confirms your suspicions. In that case, you might decide to hire a birth injury attorney serving Arbutus from Brown & Barron to begin working on your case and seek justice for your damages.

What Kind of Birth Injuries Could a Healthcare Professional Cause in Childbirth?

There are many types of birth injuries, and they can cause nerve damage, soft tissue damage, bleeding, or lack of oxygen. Although some of them are practically unavoidable, many others can be caused by the negligence of one of the members of the hospital health staff in charge of your delivery.

Although the following are not the only possible injuries, they are some of the most common in a complicated delivery:

  • Facial paralysis: Caused by temporary nerve bruising or a tear in the nerve, which could sometimes be fixed with surgery
  • Cerebral palsy: Can be caused by damage to the brain’s nerves, either by asphyxia, trauma, or infection
  • Clavicle fractures: These fractures occur when the baby is born breech and due to excessive use of force or improper use of extraction tools, such as vacuums.
  • Brachial plexus palsy: This injury is caused by damage to the nerves that control the movement of the arms and shoulders
  • Head trauma: If the mother had a difficult labor with strong contractions, the baby might have been injured while passing through the birth canal. Also, improper use of assistive tools, such as forceps or vacuums, can cause nerve damage.
  • Cephalohematoma: Is an accumulation of blood that occurs on the scalp or skull of the newborn (although it can be cured in a few months, some could cause more complications, such as jaundice)

Unfortunately, some birth injuries are incurable or can cause further health problems for the baby, affecting them for life. You might have to spend a lot on medical care to treat your child’s condition. However, if you hire a birth injury lawyer from our firm, we can help you pursue monetary compensation for your damages and losses. Call for a free initial consultation.

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What Can You Expect to Recover for Your Birth Injury Losses?

It is not possible to calculate an amount without first reviewing the details of your case. Your birth injury attorney will do their best to pursue monetary compensation, which could include:

  • Loss of income – Loss of wages and financial capacity due to taking care of your baby
  • Pain and suffering – Any physical and emotional pain that the injury may cause you or your baby
  • Loss of enjoyment of life – If the health professional’s negligent actions caused irreversible damage, you or the baby could lose your enjoyment of life.
  • Medical expenses – Any past, present, and future costs for hospital visits, home adjustments, prescription drugs, ambulance rides, physical and mental therapy, medical equipment, and more
  • Punitive damages – These are a punishment applied to the responsible party for their negligent actions. These damages are calculated based on the severity of the injuries caused and aim to prevent the negligent party from committing the same actions in the future.

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