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Bowie Elopement & Wandering Injuries Attorney

Many Bowie, Maryland, families trust nursing homes to protect their loved ones. Nursing homes have a duty to watch over and treat all residents with care. Unfortunately, sometimes they fail to offer appropriate levels of care, leading to issues like elopement and wandering. 

Note that, while these terms often seem interchangeable, they refer to different actions. We use the term “wandering” to refer to residents moving around a care facility without supervision. Elopement occurs when residents leave the nursing home property completely. Wandering often leads to elopement if not appropriately handled. Both actions can result in serious injuries. 

Your loved one could sustain injuries if they wander around the property or elope from the nursing home facility. If this happened to your family, you can reach out to our Bowie elopement and wandering injuries attorney for help in these situations. Our team at Brown & Barron can review your family’s legal options in this situation. You can call us today for a free consultation.

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Why Choose Our Bowie Elopement and Wandering Injuries Lawyer?

Our Bowie elopement and wandering injuries attorneys can handle all your family’s legal needs following a serious injury or death. Our team specializes in cases involving nursing home abuse or neglect. Cases involving wandering and elopement often involve these larger issues. 

Our experience and focus on this area of the law empower us to take on nursing homes for both elopement and wandering cases. 

Benefits of Working with Bowie Wandering and Elopement Injury Lawyers

Our team addresses all your needs when you reach out to us for help. We provide free consultations if you suspect or know your loved one sustained an injury while wandering or eloping from a care facility. 

We are available 24/7 to answer any legal questions you have about your case, improving your confidence. We believe in seeking justice for all our clients. We can:

  • Handle communications with insurance agents on your behalf
  • Deal with representatives from the nursing home
  • Help you settle your claim when appropriate
  • Represent you in court if we cannot negotiate a fair settlement

Contact our team today to improve your peace of mind after a wandering or elopement injury. 

Can You Receive Compensation for Bowie Wandering and Elopement Injuries?

Bowie nursing homes have a duty to provide appropriate levels of care for all residents. Part of this duty of care means they must monitor residents, while offering supervision to prevent issues like wandering and elopement.

Therefore, your family could file a claim in some cases if a Bowie elopement and wandering injuries attorney can establish that the nursing home failed to: 

  • Use alarms to indicate when residents leave a bed
  • Provide high enough staffing levels so they can check on all residents 
  • Secure exits to prevent elopement 
  • Set up security systems in walkways, common areas, or outdoor spaces 
  • Educate staff about elopement and wandering risks 
  • Use patient tracking tools for high-risk patients 
  • Perform resident risk assessments 
  • Give personnel pictures of patients who are high risk for wandering/elopement

Failure to meet any of these requirements could lead to wandering or elopement. When you contact our team, we can assess the nursing home’s operating procedures to see if it follows state and federal regulations and best practices. We can also review witness testimony and staff reports as we assess the situation. We may advise you to proceed with a claim based on our findings. You can find out more by reaching out to us today for a free consultation. 

What Kind of Compensation Can You Recover for Bowie Elopement and Wandering Injuries?

Once your loved one wanders away from safe areas or elopes entirely from a nursing home, they may find themselves at risk of sustaining serious injuries. Examples of injuries suffered while wandering or elopement include: 

  • Broken bones or fractures 
  • Head, neck, or back injuries 
  • Cuts or bruises 

Wandering, Elopement Cases Can Lead to Dehydration, Malnutrition

Patients who wander may also miss meals, leading to dehydration and malnutrition. Some residents may require medications at specific times, having their treatment plans thrown off if nurses cannot find them after they have wandered or left the property entirely. 

In these situations, your family may receive compensation by working with Bowie lawyers who have expertise with elopement and wandering injuries. Our team can help you seek damages to cover:

  • Current and future medical expenses for your family member
  • Physical therapy or rehabilitation after an injury 
  • Your family member’s pain and suffering 

We go over all the losses your family member suffered, focusing on helping you resolve your claim or lawsuit.

Contact Brown & Barron online today to schedule a free case review with a with a elopement & wandering lawyer serving Bowie.

Proving Negligence in Bowie Elopement and Wandering Injury Cases

According to the journal International Psychogeriatrics, it can be challenging to predict which patients may end up wandering or eloping from a care facility. However, once individuals elope once, their odds of eloping again increase. 

Nursing home facilities have a duty to track their patients’ behaviors and make care plans designed to address issues like wandering and elopement. Developing this type of plan represents part of the nursing home’s required standard of care. We can take steps to show the nursing home facility failed to set up appropriate precautions. We can also show how this failure could lead to injuries after a patient wanders or elopes. 

Our team knows the legal strategies we can use to prove: 

  • The nursing home or nursing home employees owed your loved one a duty of care to keep them safe.
  • The employees or care home failed to live up to this duty.
  • The actions of the home or employees directly caused injuries to your loved one.
  • Your loved one suffered compensatory damages because of the injuries they sustained.

As we establish negligence and fault, we can proceed with your case. You can learn more by contacting our Bowie elopement and wandering injuries attorney for help. 

Time Frame for Bowie Elopement and Wandering Injury Cases

Our team understands that you have a limited time to seek compensation after a Bowie elopement or wandering accident. Eventually, the statute of limitations expires in Maryland, preventing you from filing a lawsuit if you wait too long. Our lawyer can ensure all the paperwork for your claim goes through on time, helping you meet all critical deadlines. 

Get Help With a Bowie Elopement and Wandering Injuries Case

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