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When we arrange for our loved ones to live in nursing homes, we believe that the staff will provide them with a high level of care, taking all the appropriate measures for their well-being. However, sometimes this is not the case.

If you believe the staff at the nursing home where you placed your loved one was negligent and caused their injuries, you may be eligible for compensation for their damages. Our Bowie falls and fractures in nursing homes lawyer can get started on your case.

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Why do Falls and Fractures Happen in Nursing Homes?

There are many reasons why nursing home patients may experience falls and fractures. However, negligence may play a role. The following are some causes of falls and fractures in nursing homes:

  • Poor lighting: When the corridors of the institution are not sufficiently illuminated, it is complex for the residents to see the way, causing accidents that could become serious.
  • Lack of patient monitoring: The elderly may suffer from health complications, so it is necessary to constantly monitor them to ensure that they can go to the bathroom and navigate the premises. If they do not care about the patient’s welfare, falls can occur. 
  • Understaffing: Nursing homes may be understaffed at certain times of the day. This could become very dangerous for the residents because there will not be enough people to care for each resident.
  • Clutter: If wheelchairs, pressure monitors, blood oxygen monitors, and other items are left out, a resident could trip and fall over them.
  • Inexperienced staff: Nursing homes may not vet their staff according to protocol. 

There must be a minimum standard of care in any nursing home so that the patients live in good conditions. However, these businesses commit negligent actions to take more money into their own pockets, leaving the elderly with indigent care. 

What to Do If You Suspect Nursing Home Neglect?

Gathering evidence is one of the biggest challenges in proving negligence in any personal injury case. Our team can help by:

  • Taking photos of your loved one’s injuries
  • Gathering information from the nursing home about claims or similar situations in the past
  • Talking to residents and their families to get testimonials about the care the staff provides
  • Contacting a medical professional to assess your loved one’s injuries and determine why they were caused

We understand that it is complicated to gather evidence while taking care of your loved one, so we offer our services so that you only worry about your family. We handle all the legal processes of your case. 

How Long Do You Have to File a Nursing Home Falls and Fractures Claim?

Victims of personal injury generally have three years to file a lawsuit. However, the time limit can change because each case is different. Taking too long to start a claim can backfire and cause your case to be dismissed, even if enough evidence supports your case.

Compensation After Falls and Fractures in the Elderly

Here are some damages you can seek after an accident caused by negligent actions in a nursing home:

  • Medical bills: The amount that can be spent on health care could be considerable. This compensation covers current and future expenses, such as medical equipment, physical and mental therapy, medications, ambulance rides, hospital bills, etc.
  • Pain and suffering: The final amount is decided depending on the severity of the victim’s injuries.
  • Loss of income: When a loved one needs support and care after an accident, there is often no time to go to work. If you were unable to work due to having to take care of your loved one, the final compensation would take that into account.
  • Wrongful death: If your loved one had significant complications from their injuries, you might be eligible for wrongful death compensation. In this section, you can also recover funeral and burial expenses, loss of companionship, pain and suffering, and more.

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