Abuse By Another Resident

Gaithersburg Abuse by Nursing Home Residents Attorney

You might be unclear about where to turn after finding out your family member has been abused while staying in a nursing home. It could be even more disconcerting if the abuse came from another patient or resident in the facility. The nursing home might be responsible for the abuse, even if it was another patient who committed it. If you or your family are in Gaithersburg and have questions about an incident in a nursing home, a nursing home abuse and neglect attorney with Brown & Barron can help.

Where Can I Get Answers to My Gaithersburg Abuse by Nursing Home Residents Claim?

If your family member was harmed while staying in a nursing home in the Gaithersburg area, you could get answers about your claim from Brown & Barron. Our lawyers understand that you want the very best for your loved one. Your loved one should be able to peacefully live out their years getting the quality care they need and that you carefully selected. 

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How Much Will I Get from My Nursing Home Resident Abuse Case?

Your loved one could have suffered injuries, emotional trauma, and physical pain. The person or facility responsible for this abuse and neglect can be held legally responsible. An attorney can help collect financial compensation that can assist in recovery.

Determining the Value of a Claim

A nursing home abuse and neglect advocate can evaluate the circumstances surrounding your loved one’s trauma. The trauma and financial loss your loved one has endured can be shown using experts, medical records, and other facts of the case. Your claim is valued uniquely to your family member’s incident and how it has impacted your loved one and your family.

Types of Recoverable Damages Allowed in Maryland

  • Medical bills
  • Emotional trauma
  • Pain and suffering
  • Relocation costs

Is It Expensive to Hire a Law Firm for an Abuse by Nursing Home Residents Case?

We understand that you may already be facing medical bills and looking for a new place of residence for your loved one. You don’t need any added financial strain right now. Fortunately, we accept nursing home abuse and neglect cases on a contingency basis. Contingency means you won’t owe us anything unless we win or settle your case.

Free Consultation

Your first consultation with Brown & Barron is free. We can discuss what happened to your loved one and explore your legal options. You are under no obligation to hire us after this complimentary consultation.

Other Types of Nursing Home Abuse May Also Be Occurring

Many nursing home residents are vulnerable to abuse and neglect, according to BMC Health Services Research. They come to rely on the staff at their facility for every human need. It can be challenging for many patients, but they need help when they cannot care for themselves. The following are types of nursing home abuse commonly seen in claims:

  • Physical abuse
  • Financial abuse
  • General abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Medical abuse
  • Nutritional abuse
  • Sexual abuse

What Are the Signs of Nursing Home Abuse?

Gaithersburg patients can find assistance from the Montgomery County Elder/Vulnerable Adult Abuse Task Force (EVAATF). The organization offers many programs to assist seniors living in Gaithersburg and Montgomery County, Maryland. The association also warns of the many significant signs of elder abuse.

  • Physical abuse
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Lack of hygiene
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Dehydration
  • Missing personal hygiene items
  • Pressure sores or bedsores
  • Isolation
  • Unexplained burns, cuts, bruises, or wounds

If you have discovered any of these symptoms of abuse, you should reach out immediately. These are considered red flags that abuse is happening to a resident. It would help if you were alert to unusual financial activities. Watch out for checks with unusual signatures or a sudden change in spending. It could signal that another resident, visitor, or caregiver may be taking advantage.

Causes of Nursing Home Abuse

According to the Maryland Hospital Patient Safety Program Report for 2021, the agency investigated all reported instances and concluded that many abuse instances could have been prevented. Many had common causes which could be prevented with adequate training, better scheduling, and improved background checks.

  • Complacent employees
  • Lack of supervision
  • Poor communication
  • Inadequate training
  • Poor personnel choices
  • Failure to follow procedures
  • Missing or inadequate assessments

Better screening when hiring, training at regular intervals, and assessments of how workers are doing could improve these facilities.

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How Can a Law Firm Benefit My Gaithersburg Nursing Home Abuse Claim?

It is terrible to discover that a family member is abused in a nursing home. Many times, you can feel overwhelmed. Where can you turn to when you were assured that your loved one would receive essential care? It can be crucial in these cases to hire an attorney to help with your nursing home neglect claim.

A law firm will ensure your loved one continues to receive quality care in a safe environment while negligent workers, residents, or facilities are held accountable. When another resident injures your loved one, your attorney will be critical in obtaining medical records, video surveillance, and other stored data that can prove the facts of your case.

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Benefits of Hiring a Law Firm

A law firm can initiate a thorough investigation and discovery process to gather evidence for your case. Hiring an attorney to help with your nursing home claim can free you up to tend to your loved one as well. 

Our Gaithersburg abuse by nursing home residents lawyers can help:

  • Gather evidence of abuse by another resident, such as video surveillance or medical documentation
  • File reports with state agencies
  • Interview eyewitnesses
  • File a claim or lawsuit
  • Negotiate with an insurer
  • Negotiate a fair financial settlement
  • Represent your loved one in a trial if necessary

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