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In nursing homes, the staff members caring for residents must have the skills and experience necessary to cover all the needs of older adults. However, accidents can occur more frequently when residents do not receive the attention and care they require. In older adults, it can be hazardous to suffer blows or falls due to the natural deterioration of their bodies.

If one of your loved ones was in an accident in which they slipped and broke their bones in a nursing home, you could file a lawsuit against the institution or a member of its staff. With the help of Gaithersburg falls and fractures in nursing homes attorneys, you could get the responsible party to pay for the damages they caused to your loved one and face justice.

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Reasons Falls and Fractures Happen in Nursing Homes

When we reach a certain age, it is difficult to have complete control of our bodies, and we become more prone to slips and falls. However, in nursing homes, staff members must be prepared for any risky situation, doing everything possible to prevent severe accidents with the elderly.

Unfortunately, nursing homes have become very lucrative businesses, and the owners tend to skimp on necessary costs to put more money in their pockets. Since some nursing homes do not invest in safe environments for residents, accidents can occur for the following reasons:

  • Little or no lighting in corridors
  • Spilled liquids, debris, garbage, or some other type of object on the ground
  • Unsafe or uncomfortable beds, or beds at an inappropriate height
  • Lack of staff
  • Staff with little or no experience
  • Lack of adequate medical equipment for residents
  • Lack of medication or incorrect dosage delivery
  • Lack of monitoring

Many of these could have been done due to simple human mistakes. However, negligence plays a significant role in accidents involving falls and fractures in the elderly. So, if you believe a nursing home was negligent and caused your loved one’s injuries, retain an attorney to get started on your case and get monetary compensation for your damages.

What Should You Do To Be Sure the Nursing Home Was Negligent?

Unfortunately, proving a negligence case against an institution requires a lot of research and patience. To obtain evidence to support your claim, your attorney will collect information about other residents’ responsible parties and testimonies. However, you could take legal action if:

  • You noticed that the nursing home did not correctly follow the standards of care.
  • Staff members did not accurately and consistently assess your loved one’s needs.
  • When you visited your loved one, you noticed very little staff.
  • The caregiving tactics used on your loved one were not appropriate.
  • You saw hazards in the nursing home, such as poor lighting, broken stairs, or obstacles on the floor.
  • Your loved one’s medication or medical equipment was wrong or not working.

When one of our loved ones suffers a life-threatening accident, the last thing we need is to worry about making the responsible party pay. Brown & Barron offers our services so you can focus on yourself and your family. Call for a free, initial consultation with one of our team members.

Don’t Let Time Go By, as Waiting Could Endanger Your Negligence Case

In the United States, a statute of limitations regulates the time victims of personal injury have to file a complaint. If you had a falls and fractures case in Maryland, you would typically have three years to file a claim.   

What Can Our Attorneys at Brown & Barron Do for You?

We are committed to providing you with high-quality service to achieve the best results in your case of falls and fractures in the elderly. To bring the responsible party to justice and get you monetary compensation, we:

  • Present your claim to the authorities
  • Establish conversations with the lawyers of the responsible party
  • Negotiate a settlement that covers all your needs and losses
  • Contact experts to obtain second opinions on your case
  • Collect necessary evidence against the responsible parties, such as photographs, videos, or documents
  • Present your case in court if necessary
  • Advocate for your elderly loved one’s rights

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Get Compensation for the Damages Caused By a Negligent Party

Before pursuing an exact amount for your loved one’s falls and fractures, let your attorney review your case and give their opinion. You could recover certain damages you are currently unaware of. 

You might recover the following:

  • Medical costs (past, present, and future): Ambulance rides, prescription drugs, doctor visits, medical equipment, home adjustments, physical and mental therapy, and more
  • Pain and suffering: Physical and mental
  • Loss of income: If you had to miss work or lost your job due to having to care for your loved one
  • Punitive damages: A greater punishment for the responsible party to prevent them from making the same mistakes in the future
  • Funeral and burial costs: If your loved one died due to health complications caused by the accident, you could recover their funeral and burial costs, as well as loss of companionship, medical and monetary benefits, and more.

Although some of these injuries are difficult to prove, our falls and fractures in nursing homes attorneys will do everything possible to get your Gaithersburg family the justice you need. 

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