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As bedsore injuries can be a common situation in patients who are not fully mobile, not every case would be related to professional malpractice. However, in many cases, bedsores are caused by underlying negligence in nursing homes. 

When you put a loved one in a nursing home, you expect qualified caregiving staff and the best protocols to maintain your loved one’s way of life. For this reason, most people will submit a complaint if they suspect bedsores in nursing homes are related to the direct actions of the residency’s staff. If you have a case like this, consult our Gaithersburg nursing home bedsore injury attorneys to help you get fair compensation. 

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Filing a claim or lawsuit for bedsore injuries in nursing homes can be complicated and even unsuccessful if you don’t have the correct preparation and knowledge about the law in your state. 

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What Are Bedsore Injuries in Nursing Homes?

As its name indicates, bedsores result from a lack of mobility, or constant pressure on the body. Johns Hopkins reports that people with “diabetes, circulation problems and malnutrition” can be at risk of developing this skin condition. 

Nursing homes should always be conscious of the possibility of bedsores occurring to their residents, as they have residents who have reduced mobility—or no mobility on their own. Bedsores could indicate negligence from the residence staff. 

What Are the Consequences and Risk Factors of Bedsore Injuries?

Oftentimes skin conditions can completely be healed when they are properly treated on time. However, some cases involving older people could bring more significant consequences and risks. Complications could include mental confusion, a fast heartbeat, and generalized weakness.

Blood circulation and wound healing are poorer in the older population. When someone has a bedsore, the following could pose risks:

  • If the person is 70 years old or older
  • If the person has poor habits like a bad diet, smoking, or lack of exercise
  • If the person is prone to infections or has a flawed immune system
  • If the person has suffered before from complications from bedsore injuries
  • If the person doesn’t have the proper care in their facility

How Can Bedsore Injuries in Older People Be Avoided?

Bedsore injuries can be prevented if the proper care and treatment are given to the patients. To do this, every medical aid, staff member, or caregiving professional should know how to provide qualified care and attention. 

Some of the actions any care provider should know to prevent bedsores injuries are: 

  • To constantly change the patient’s position to avoid too much pressure in some parts of the body
  • To correctly identify symptoms of discomfort or pain due to early bedsore injuries 
  • To attend and give proper care to the patient with daily necessities like cleaning, feeding, and exercise
  • To provide correct medications and other prescriptions to avoid complications from underlying conditions
  • To treat wounds if they have already appeared to prevent further complications for the patients
  • To ensure proper nutrition and hydration

Although these may seem basic actions, they can significantly improve the daily conditions of patients that may suffer from bedsores in nursing homes. 

What Can You Do in a Case of Bedsores in Nursing Homes?

If you find yourself in a situation where your loved one has bedsores in a nursing home, you may want to submit a complaint against a medical team or caregiving professional. If there is evidence that professional malpractice was done, you could pursue compensation. 

Before doing so, you could consult with a professional nursing home bedsore injury attorney. They could help you pursue compensation for the damage resulting from bedsores. You could recover damages that consider the following losses: 

  • Economic damages like medical fees, rehabilitation, surgical bills, etc.
  • Non-economic damages like distress, pain, or psychological care
  • Funeral costs if the person ends up passing due to complications

Your bedsore injury lawyer can inform you about the statute of limitations in your state and other details in your Gaithersburg nursing home injury case. 

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What Is the Personal Injury Statute of Limitations in Maryland?

According to the statute of limitations in Maryland, you have a limited time to file a nursing home abuse lawsuit. 

You must have qualifying losses to file a lawsuit. To obtain fair compensation, you have to prepare a strong case. Your lawyer will commit themselves to accomplishing this.  Having a professional lawyer serving Gaithersburg by your side can help you secure justice. 

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