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It isn’t an easy decision to place your loved one in a nursing home. People entrust the well-being of family members to the nursing home staff, which has an obligation to keep their residents safe. It is devastating when another resident attacks your loved one. 

If your family member was injured or harassed by another resident in a nursing facility, the administration may be liable, and you can seek justice. An Annapolis attorney specializing in abuse by nursing home residents can help bring closure and peace of mind to your family. The legal team at Brown & Barron can help. 

Our Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Lawyers Are Here to Help

If your loved one suffered injuries due to the actions of another nursing home resident, we can investigate the incident while you get your family member back to health.  Our team can help uncover evidence of negligence and fight for compensation from all liable parties. 

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Nursing Home Residents May Be Violent

Nursing homes provide activities for residents to keep them mentally stimulated and maintain their psychological health. Residents may interact directly with each other during these recreational activities.

 When a resident becomes violent, they may direct aggression toward anyone near them, including other residents. Incidents can include verbal and physical abuse, sexual harassment, or inappropriate behavior that causes physical or emotional harm to another person.

Residents suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, physical pain, depression, and other causes may become irritable and violent when interacting with other residents. 

When the Victim is Another Resident

In any residential setting, residents can experience conflicts, and nursing homes are no different. While these are often minor, they can escalate quickly if the staff and support personnel do not promptly intervene. 

Some examples of resident-to-resident mistreatment include:

  • Invasion of privacy
  • Intrusion on personal space or unnecessary closeness
  • Roommate conflicts
  • Verbal threats
  • Harassment
  • Unwanted sexual advances or inappropriate behavior
  • Use or destruction of private property

In some cases, the altercations can become physical, with one resident hitting, pushing, or kicking another resident. Physical abuse of a resident can result in injuries. Our nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys can help you hold the responsible parties liable for your loved one’s injuries. 

What Damages May Qualify You for Compensation?

Each case of resident-to-resident abuse is different, and there is no formula to calculate potential compensation. In general, the following damages may apply in your loved one’s case:

  • Medical costs associated with the abuse
  • Therapy or psychological assistance for mental anguish
  • Pain and suffering
  • Relocation to a different facility

Our Annapolis lawyers understand abuse by nursing home residents and can review all available information, including medical records, incident reports, and photographs of injuries, to evaluate the level of compensation.

Potentially Liable Parties in an Abuse by Nursing Home Residents Case

Various parties may be fully or partially responsible for your loved one’s injuries. Our nursing home abuse team can help uncover all the responsible parties during our investigation. 

Given that nursing home administrators are responsible for keeping residents safe, potentially liable parties may include managers, supervisors, facility owners, and other employees that did not intervene.

Can a Resident Sue Another Resident?

Every resident has a right to protection against mistreatment. If the actions of another resident injured your family member, you should report the incident immediately. The facility should investigate and take necessary measures to ensure the safety of all residents.

You may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against the resident that caused their injuries. We can discuss your legal options during a free consultation. 

Look for Signs of Abuse by Residents in Nursing Homes

The Alzheimer’s Association reports that more than 50 percent of residents in nursing home facilities or assisted-living environments have some degree of dementia or impairment. In cases of resident-to-resident abuse, cognitive impairment contributes to the underreporting of abuse in nursing homes. 

For example, your loved one may not be able to remember or express what happened to them. This is why it is important to talk to your loved one on a regular basis and look for signs of nursing home abuse and neglect. 

Bruises, other physical injuries, and sudden mood changes may indicate abuse or neglect. If your loved one expresses fear around certain residents or avoids engaging in social activities in the nursing home, another resident may have assaulted or harassed them. If you do not intervene, the abuse may continue, especially if the nursing home staff fails to take action. 

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How an Annapolis Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Can Help

Nursing homes have a duty to maintain a safe environment. No family deserves to see their loved one suffer. Our Annapolis nursing home abuse attorneys can fight for justice and compensation on your behalf.

The ultimate goal is to ensure the safety of your loved one and to get justice for any injuries that result from nursing home negligence. Our Annapolis nursing home abuse team will work tirelessly for you or your loved one while you concentrate on the healing process. We will review all the available evidence, determine the liable party or parties, and fight for your rights.

You Can Afford to Work With Our Annapolis Abuse by Nursing Home Residents Team

The nursing home abuse team at Brown & Barron understands that you may have financial concerns about hiring an attorney. With a free case evaluation, you can relate the details of your injury. If you hire our team, we work on a contingency basis, meaning we only get compensated if we are successful at getting you compensation.

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