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Nursing homes are an excellent option for families with the elderly under their care. Most of the time, these nursing homes provide optimal conditions to look after the elderly, such as health care, entertainment, and all the required facilities to ensure their safety. 

However, in some cases, there might be inefficiencies in either the care team, the facilities, or other circumstances, and that may put your loved one at risk for falls and fractures. Falls and fractures represent high-risk injuries, especially for the older population. 

If you suspect your elderly family member suffered from falls and fractures due to some of these cases, you may be entitled to fill out a complaint and ask for compensation from the nursing home or attendance team.

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Reasons for Falls and Fractures in Nursing Homes  

Nursing homes must ensure that they possess the appropriate facilities and well-trained staff to care for the elderly residing there. 

Among the reasons that may cause a fall or fracture in a nursing home are: 

  • Wet or dirty floors, stairs, or other slippery surfaces
  • Underattended residents
  • Inefficient or underprepared staff
  • Unstable settings for bed, bath, or other aiding equipment
  • Unrepaired facilities or less maintenance in residence 
  • Other causes 

Severe Injuries Can Result From Falls and Fractures  

Falls and fractures can result in many inconveniences and pain for most people. However, for the elderly population, these accidents may cause even more severe damage than to a younger person. 

Some of the most common injuries or fractures in the elderly are: 

  • Hip, wrist, and ribs fractures: Although these are the most commonly seen fractures, actually any bone could be affected after a fall, especially if the incident happened in elevated locations such as stairs or a second floor. 
  • Head concussion: One possible consequence of a fall might be strokes in the head and a possible concussion. 
  • Sight affections: If elderly people suffer a stroke in the head, one of the consequences might be related to their sight, either due to a fracture in their eye socket or in the eyes themselves.  
  • Neurological problems: Aside from physical damages, some other neurological injuries from a traumatic event might appear long-term. 
  • Some other injuries: Bruises, muscle sprains, and strains, as well as chronic pain, may result from a fall and fracture in the elderly. 

In addition to these injuries, some other underlying conditions could be aggravated due to the falls and fractures in your family member, causing more distress and medical expenses.   

What Can You Do in Case of Falls and Fractures in The Elderly? 

When you have evidence that the nursing home can be held accountable for the falls and fractures of your elder family member, you could file a lawsuit for injuring a person. 

These kinds of lawsuits are stated so the family can ask for compensation in case their loved one has serious injuries. Falls and fractures in the elderly are sometimes much worse than in a younger person. 

Potential Compensation 

You can seek compensation, including: 

  • Extra medical treatment bills
  • Rehabilitation expenses 
  • Emotional and other non-economic damages 
  • Funeral expenses in case of wrongful death 

Depending on the evidence provided in court, we may prove that the harm inflicted on your family member was intentional.  

What Is an Intentional Tort for Falls and Fractures in Nursing Homes? 

When residents suffer from falls and fractures in nursing homes, the institution may have liability as they have to ensure the appropriate conditions to avoid any type of accident occurring in their facilities. 

However, when there is evidence that there was an intentional tort to cause pain or suffering to the person, the consequences for the institution and its staff could be more severe. 

Work With a Falls and Fractures in Nursing Homes Attorney Today! 

A lawyer specializing in falls and fractures in the elderly might help you out through your process if you find the nursing home has liability for their injuries. 

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What Can a Falls and Fractures in Nursing Homes Attorney Do For You? 

Our legal team can handle your case while you tend to your loved one. 

Your attorney may help you with: 

  • Submitting your complaint against a nursing home or their staff for you
  • Find evidence to prove the liability of the nursing home
  • Asking for the right amount of compensation 
  • Fight for your interests in a courtroom if necessary 

What Is The Statute of Limitations for Falls and Fractures in Annapolis? 

Maryland’s statute of limitations generally gives you three years to file a lawsuit which will allow you to obtain compensation.

If these three years pass, it will most likely be impossible for you or your family to claim compensation for the cost of medical bills or recover damages that you may have incurred. 

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